The Yuri Days of Summer

Well folks, the best part of summer is just around the corner once again… Comiket!

That means it’s time for us to order and import more doujinshi. There are a lot of releases we are looking forward to, and more are likely to come that haven’t been previewed yet. First off, I would like to say THANK YOU! to everyone who has donated to us so far. Your generosity is very, very much appreciated and it has went a long way to ease the pain caused to both of our wallets. We would like to give everyone a preview of what we spent money on recently.

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Release 29: 2 Become 1

Another great Precure doujin from 434 Not Found / isya, this time featuring HibiKana. We plan on doing ‘Addicted to You’ by this artist soon, which is also a HibiKana book. After that, the artist is releasing a large compilation doujinshi with all his HibiKana works that include 60 new pages at Comiket82 which we definitely plan on picking up, so fans of this coupling have plenty to look forward to from us!