This page is a complete list of past releases sorted by series and artist. You can find more detailed information about each doujin on our main page, also included here are some links to offline and online manga readers.

Offline Manga Readers:



Series: Madoka Magica

Artist: Momoya Chika 

Artist: Adumi Kazuki

Artist: Ririadoll

Artist: Inugami Ikara

Artist: Tamatsu

Artist: Shiratama

Artist: Mugen@Works

Artist: Zawameki Jambo

Artist: 50 Point Caliper

Artist: Setouchimasuko

Artist: Sinohara Sinome

Series: Railgun

Artist: Penpengusa Club

Artist: Akashi Tokoyo

Series: Macross

Artist: Enji

Series: Nanoha

Artist: Nagami Yuu

Series: Mouretsu Pirates

Artist: Budou Mato

Series: K-ON!

Artist: Kacchuu Musume

Artist: Fukutarou Okeya

Series: Pretty Cure (Precure)

Artist: Isya (434 Not found)

Artist: Sekihara Kaina

Artist: Kazuma Muramasa

Artist: Takano Saku (Waterfall)

Artist: Kasumi

Series: Yuru Yuri

Artist: Goyac (Purimomo)

(NSFW): Secret Flowers #1

(NSFW): Secret Flowers #2

(NSFW): Secret Flowers #3

(NSFW): Yurimonogatari

Artist: Umekichi

Artist: Endori

Artist: Tama 

Artist: Mukaibi Aoi

Artist: Kitahara Tomoe

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