Join Yuri-ism

Yuri-ism is currently looking for an experienced Proofreader / QC’er to help us out. Past work as a proofreader or providing quality control to a scanlation group/s is required.

As a proofreader, you would be responsible for examining 1-3 releases per week and checking them for errors. This encompasses both looking over English spelling & grammar, as well as checking for editing errors (specks of text left behind, un-typeset text, incomplete redraws, junk in border whitespace, etc). You would use the checklist feature on Trello and a screen capture program like Puush to log mistakes.

If this sounds interesting to you, submit your info to us in the form below and we’ll get in contact with you shortly. Tell us a little about yourself, your previous experience, and why you want to join Yuri-ism.