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Yuri-ism is a group that’s based around importing our own doujinshi to work with.  While we do and have worked on publicly available doujinshi, quality yuri doesn’t exactly get uploaded that often so selecting and importing our own books is what we’re all about.  If any of you have purchased items from overseas before, you know it’s not exactly cheap, and doujinshi is no different.

Any donation amount we receive will be used for nothing other than importing the best vanilla yuri doujinshi we can find. We would like to make purchases more frequently than just twice a year for Summer/Winter Comiket, but that is a bit painful on our wallets, and that’s where you come in! Anything you could offer us would be very much appreciated.  If you like our work and want to help us out in being able to provide more of it, there are several different ways you can support us!

As of 2014, Paypal has banned us and we are no longer able to accept donations there, sorry!

#1 Amazon Payments (US Only)

This one works a lot like paypal, unfortunately it is for people in the US only. You can click right here and sign up for an account. After you sign up, click on the “Send Money” tab. Enter “yuriism” without the quotes in the ‘send money to’ field, enter whatever amount you’d like to send, add a note if you want, and then press continue and confirm what you’ve entered. You’ll be able to add a bank account or a credit card to the Amazon account as a payment method, whichever you prefer, much like Paypal.

#2 Flattr

This is another donation site, but it’s intended for you to support different causes at once over a period of time, so the setup is a bit convoluted. You can go here to sign up for an account. After you sign up, you can use a wide variety of methods to add funds to your account. You can then click the button below to go right to our account.

Click to visit the Yuri-ism Flattr Page

You can choose to do a one time donation for however much money you deposited into your account initially, or you can choose to spread it out over however many months you want.

70 comments on “Support Yuri-ism

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  2. Dropped a tiny sum ;)
    Let the wild lilies overtake!

    I really enjoy your project and I’d love to see more Madoka doujins, also love Lucky Star and Strawberry Panic, and, well, anything works, if it’s raw yuri XD
    I do enjoy Yuru Yuri but that’s not my favourite though.

      • I meant standard yuri sex stuff or even safe for work yuri doujins(or rather just finished translation scripts cause I can edit them myself in some time), nothing of extreme/alternative nature.
        There are people who commission yuri works to usual hentai translators(I did some), but well if there was a possibility to do it through yuri group and also by that know that the money may go for more yuri doujin titles in future, feels kinda better.
        You can send me an -e-mail, so we could discuss details if you would be interested.

  3. I’ve had kind of a bad experience with PayPal, is there any other to throw you guys a quick $5?

    Either way, thank you for all the hard work! :D

  4. I would find a different way to accept donations. I use to take donations on my doujin site until paypal banned me for taking donations on an adult website. My SSN, bank info, credit/debit cards and any other info has been banned from making a new account.

  5. BAM! That’s 50USD for you to use! (I think… hopefully the donation went through correctly.) It was about time I supported you all!

  6. Welp, made a $20 donation in support of general yuri. I like most of the stuff you guys do, or rather practically all of it lol. Since my search for Yayoi x Reika stuff didn’t turn up all that much, I guess next time I should aim for more popular or established series like maybe Marimite. lol, just in case, are you guys at all familiar with that series? In particular one of my favourite pairings would be Shimako x Noriko.

  7. Finally got around to donating myself. I hope you have good luck at Comiket, particularly with any new MadoHomu stuff. Good hunting!

      • Awesome. Fukuya’s stuff is definitely way up there. I wonder if it’ll be another one tying into Drops of a Dream and such or something totally different. At any rate I’ll look forward to it. Also, UTW is supposed to have their Madoka out next week too, that’s what I’ve been waiting for to rewatch the series (maybe during downtime after xmas).

  8. $50 toward future awesome purchases as I completely trust ya’lls judgement since ya’lls translations have made me a fan of various pairings. ^^ Please keep up the great work!

  9. A small gratitude for your hard working! and Merry Christmas.

    You guys really work hard and I am looking forward to your work. :)

    I love Yuri-ism!

  10. I sent a small donation just now in recognition of the excellent work this site has accomplished so far. I wish you luck in the days ahead and hope you do manage to obtain that one Mahou Tsukai no Yoru doujin I mentioned in Purchase Requests earlier today. Even if that particular book doesn’t work out for some reason, I know that there will be many other quality releases to look forward to in 2013. Thank you!

  11. I’d love to donate but am not comfortable with Paypal disclosing my name or billing address. Do they disclose this information when the payment type is a donation?

  12. I love you guys even more after seeing your whole intent and dedication you guys have for the site. I actually said ‘no’ in the survey for the donation section but I changed my mind. ‘Hope to see you guys improve even more in the future! Hopefully I’ll become able to afford more donations in the future. <3

  13. I’m in the midst of sorting out my finances, but as a long time fan of Yuri-ism my conscience finally nudges me to support. I’ll donate via paypal latest in 2 weeks.
    Keep up the good work guys! (P.S. Any upcoming LoveLive! doujins by chance? MakixNico has a special niche in my soul somewhere..)

  14. Flattr’d but i think i did it wrong… instead of a one off and then sub. looks like i subbed and cant figure out how to cancel that and then do a one off.

  15. hey guys it’s just my opinion but i don’t get good vibes from flatter or bitcoin (sorry not american) and i would like to donate for the cause. Is it really safe?. Thanks

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