Translation Requests

This is the new page for you to suggest doujins that have already been uploaded for us to translate and release. Don’t worry if you made a request on the old page, we still have it saved so we can look at it and take requests from it, it’s just not publicly visible any more. This is no longer the place to suggest things for us to buy. If that’s what you would like to do, please use this page: Purchase Requests.

reimu translation request

The best place to look for doujins is:
It is also possible to use, but some taggers are overzealous and doujins may be available only through ExHentai.

Here are instructions on how to get into exhentai / get past the sadpanda.
1. Clear your cache/cookies.
2. Go to and make an account. Click on ‘My Home’ and then register. Verify if you need to.
3. Log in if it doesn’t automatically do it.
4. Go to exhentai.
5. You should now be able to browse exhentai.

If this does not work for you, there are plugins for both Chrome and Firefox that you can try.

To search on exhentai, simply type in “yuri” plus “series name / character name” and look through the results. Similar to searching for doujins on Japanese buy-sites, you’ll likely have to click through a lot of non-yuri to find anything.

Lastly, here are some general guidelines for what we like to work on.

  • It has to be Yuri. NO MEN.
  • All series are welcome. It does not have to be something we’ve already done a doujin for.
  • Absolutely no futanari.
  • Toys (strap-ons, vibrators, etc) are all fine.
  • Non-conventional pairings are fine. Though they may be much, much harder to find doujins for.
  • No rape, no scat, and no other extreme fetish stuff. Again, if it’s not sweet and vanilla we are not going to work on it.
  • Threeways and so on are acceptable. Though these will be very rare to find.
  • We enjoy working on SFW (that is, doujins with no sexual content). Please do suggest any good ones.

159 comments on “Translation Requests

  1. And there ‘s some doujinshi I found on exhentai, I hope you can translate them
    [Niratama (Sekihara Kaina)] ケンカップルの日常 (Suite PreCure)
    (C80) [Niratama (Sekihara Kaina)] たまには いいよね (Suite PreCure)
    (C82) [Niratama (Sekihara Kaina)] Teikakazura no Hana to Hototogisu (Smile Precure!)

    • The scan quality on all of these is considerably poor, especially the Suite ones, or we would have done them some time ago already. As for the Smile doujin, I didn’t care for the forced-sex aspect of it in the beginning which is why we didn’t purchase it. Niratama has some stuff coming out for C83, we’ll look into picking it up, hopefully it will be more vanilla this time around.

  2. Hi, I hope you can translate this one, I found it on E-Hentai:
    (C82) [sweetpi&COCOA BREAK] amakamisiropu (Smile Precure)(naorei)

    • I believe Yuri Project is working one of those, you might want to post the other ones up there, they would probably have more leeway to work on them then us [super busy @ comiket time].

  3. Do you guys do text-only translations? I found an alternate universe written by the guys who made Kannazuki no Miko. It’s called “Himegami no Miko” and can be found here: The links on the page are chapters 1 through 6. I’ve only ever found chapter one translated online.

  4. Hey, I just wanted to ask you guys if you can translate chapters of one of the most famous Yuri animes; Kannazuki no miko prequel [Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian] of kaishaku; I made the scans of the RAW chapters (It took me years to find them); and I would like if you tried to translate them and I can give all of you a .zip carpet with all of them.

    Please answer my request, thanks.

  5. I have some doujinshi of my own that I’ve scanned, most of which are worksafe (except for one which is kind of borderline). They’re all Madoka Magica and Macross Frontier. I don’t THINK you’ve done any of the Madoka ones, but I might have missed one… (Macross Frontier, Sheryl/Ranka, worksafe) (Macross Frontier, Sheryl/Sheryl/Sheryl threesome, worksafe, I have an NSFW Sheryl/Sheryl one by the same circle I can scan if this one is popular) (Madoka Magica, Mami/Madoka, innocent naked bathing scene but no sex) (Madoka Magica, Kyouko/Sayaka) (Madoka Magica, Kyouko/Sayaka)

  6. Shingeki no Kyojin, YumiKuri (SFW) Doujin.
    Doesn’t seem to be uploaded on exhentai (yet).
    Though, the OP posted a download link on their tumblr (with a request for anyone to translate it as well), so I hope that’s just as fine for you guys.

    I’d greatly appreciate it if you’ll consider translating it sometime in the future.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. So here’s some doujins that looked good:

    (COMIC1☆4) [Queen of VANILLA (Chigusa Suzume)] LOVE K-ON! no Hon (K-ON!)

    (COMIC1☆7) [H.B (B-RIVER)] Rider-san to Sakura-san. (Fate/stay night)

    [Niratama (Sekihara)] Ultra Happy End (Smile Precure!)

    (C84) [Yabitsutouge (Ootori Mahiro)] Nozomi wa Doushitemo Erichi to Sex ga Shitai!! (Love Live!)

    (C84) [Majimadou (Matou)] Oneesama Enkou Rankou Video Library (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun)

  8. Hi! I’ve recently downloaded this from melonbooks ( due to curiosity in seeing that uke!Luka from Sekihara. Well, as much as I want to, I really can’t understand all that much, so I was thinking if you guys would be interested in translating it, I could share you the raws. Just drop me an email at it’ll be nice to see the two untranslated stories in this collection translated. :D

    Also, sorry I’m not sure if I should put it here or the other place (maybe not there since I already have it haha XD), so hopefully it’s okay here.

  9. Hi there. I had found a doujin by Aki Eda. It is awesome. You guy must be love it.
    Please translate it ok? Please, I would very happy if you guy translate it
    Thank you for reading my request :3

  10. I’ve actually purchased a large amount of Kyosaya doujin, most of it is non-H. If I can provide clean large scans can you guys translate them for folks to read?

    • Do you have any by Bakadomo, by any chance? He’s the artist who did “Thank an idiot after the rain falls.” Though to be honest, with c85 around the corner we don’t have much time to work on extra projects. However, more Bakadomo we could make an exception for.

    • Hi, here’s Hao from the Baidu Saki Tieba (百度天才麻将少女吧) Scanlation team.
      1. This should be a C84 doujinshi but not C85
      2. This should be a Saki (Zenkoku-hen) related doujinshi (ShiromiKosegawa and SaeUsuzawa, coupling from Miyamori Girls’ High)
      3. We highly recommend translating this doujinshi. The style and the story itself is great, although it is a quite sad story.

  11. My friend has asked on the Anime/Manga Stack Exchange about Sono Hanabira Dojinshi (, in the answer he got there was this link

    now neither one of us can read Japanese and the user who provided the link said the “usual means” to get Dojinshi probably apply, to me that means you can download them for free.

    If the Sono Hanabira Dojinshi are already available then i would like to request they get translated, otherwise if they aren’t if someone could reply where they can be brought that would be great, that way the admin will know where to get them if anyone makes a purchases request (kinda surprised no one has request this before, Sono Hanabira is the definition of Shoujo Ai/Yuri)

  12. Hi, I would like to recommend some Fomalhaut Idolmaster scanlations. Almost all of their releases are on exhentai, like QQQ below:
    This (and three others) was scanned by , who say they can provide better scans for scanlators, if necessary. Any (hell, all) of the Fomalhaut doujins would be great, I picked this one because it’s a favorite of mine. Thank you!

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