DISCLAIMER: We only provide English translations to fan made material that has no local western release. We do not provide raw scans, if you are interested in raws, consider buying them from the artist! These translations are fan made and are not made for profit.

Group/Website Info: Yuri-ism is a Japanese to English scanlation team that primarily focuses on translating self published work (Doujinshi). We translate both sfw and nsfw material. We will only work on yuri/lesbian fan works with only some exceptions made for sfw material.

Release standards:

2000px Height, 32/64 color png, American English, Honorifics are used, puns/difficult phrases are translated into their closest English equivalent.

The history of Yuri-ism as told by Chansu:

Yuri-ism began as a small time project back in the days when we released our yuri doujinshi under life4kaoru scans. Our first yuri release was none other than a MadoHomu doujin on a blog that up to then only featured straight vanilla porn. As long time fans of yuri we felt just one doujin wasn’t enough, so we continued to slowly find more yuri doujinshi to translate and release to our fans. However, as time went on, we started wanting to make yuri a focus of what we worked on rather than being an occasional side project.

Many great yuri doujins go unscanned every year, and of those that are, lots are scanned incorrectly. So rather than wait around on the rare raw that’s worth putting effort into, we felt it was time to take on yuri scanlation full-time by opening this blog which would be based around importing, translating, and releasing all the great doujinshi that would otherwise never see the light of day outside of Japan. Several cool stories later we are still doing our best to provide you with the greatest yuri out there. And I’m happy to say that we’ll be doing this for quite some time.

Meet the staff:


54 comments on “About

  1. Nice page and i found you through a manga which released on Dynasty Scans If you guys need help in finding yuri manga to translate why not try e.hentai gallery it usually has heaps of manga / doujins there. (its only a suggestion)

    one more thing.. YURI IS THE BEST!!! *worship*

  2. how much yu guys take to traslate? cool page, it’s kinda making me nervous to wait, this is the best yuri page i’ve found ^^

  3. Omg a Yuri dedicated blog. /cry
    It’s so difficult finding good yuri doujins, both SFW and NSFW. Fuck, the NSFW ones don’t even have full on Yuri in them! They’ll have a scene, then suddenly, cock!
    Definitely adding this site to my iPad’s bookmarks. 🙂

  4. Love your work, especially your Madomagi and Nanoha stuff. Please keep up the good work!

    BTW… Is there any way we can get a full-progression image of the “ecchi scale” image that you use to rate your releases?

  5. This is an amazing site you got here!! I`ve recently come into the doujinshi scene and well..I love Yuri Dojin so much!! I don`t know what it is it is just something about them that makes them great. anyway great manga here and hope you guys keep up the great work! long live Yuri! heh.

  6. Hey guys! I just wanted to tell you YOU ARE REALLY AMAZING! I love every single doujin you have posted. Keep doing such a wonderful job.
    (Sending you all my love from Costa Rica)

  7. Good day to you o’ prophet of Madokami!

    We came from the east in peace and aww…just skip the slack.
    You know what you build here is a paradise and I really really reallllllyyyy wanna stay here forever. >_< and you did make wanna stay here forever. 0-0

    We have a small yuri group in LINE that accidentally have an exact name as your's (yuri-ism). It's quite funny though that when I found this REAL site. End of the story, we clear a confusion in our group whether we are scanlation from yuri-ism or not. And with respect we lead them to the propechy of this website. Yuri-ism!

    Keep up the goodwork and stay awesome~~~
    *sorry for the bad english*
    P.s: you made couples of yuri-ers in our group~ lol

  8. thank you for making this website…
    i really love it,i really enjoyed reading the manga
    im really grateful that your making this site,i hope i can this website im looking forward for more release
    Banzai Yuri-ism and to all yuri fans

  9. Found this site through MangaPark. Ever since I decided to look it up, I’ve been coming here more than MangaPark. I love your site and I hope you guys keep up the good work for many more years. From one Yuri girl to the next, I thank you!

  10. I’m sorry but this whole groups sounds amazing everything it’s just sexy and amazing i love it and yes yuri is always the answer a world without yuri is a world of emptiness and sadness.

  11. Love the site. Ok, so how do you get paid for all the hard work you do in bringing the masses the love of Yuri? Do you accept donations? Merchandise sales? I’m all about supporting the artist/team….I feel guilty not being able to buy the mangas directly from the artist (unless in English..which I do), however, I really want to support the “not so mainstream” artists for their great work. Do you have suggestions? I do subscribe to Lezhin (even though the stories show up on free sites), I love Ratana Satis and buy her work direct (such beautiful work btw). I also love Takano Saku, which is how I found you via Dynasty Reader. I admit, I’m addicted to Yuri…shhhhh.

  12. Hey there Yuri-ism. I’m not sure if this was the best place to leave a comment like this, but I just wanted to say that I love the work your team puts into this! I have been obsessed with Himegoto Flowers, I’ve never seen such a beautiful combination of ecchi and cuteness, It makes me so happy to read, thank you for the translation! Keep being awesome, wonderful people.

  13. O ho ho ho here I come the world of #yuri#anine#doujins#Japan
    Myself noob gamer/not so ideal college student from the biggest country in South-east Asia….
    I’m so happy to see you guys are doing such hard work..
    Glad to meat y’all

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