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purchase request de2hud

Welcome to version 2.0 of our requests page.

We would like to move towards taking purchase requests exclusively. We’re already well enough aware of what has been and is being uploaded, so the other request page seemed redundant. You are welcome to suggest something already available if you want to, but there is a good chance we have already seen it and made a decision whether or not to work on it. I’d like to highlight some changes we are making below:

    The request page will be cleared out a minimum of twice a year, after major doujin events (Winter/Summer Comiket). Most doujins go out of stock quickly so there is no need to save every request on a single page. We’ll save a copy of the page with old requests in it, but it won’ be publicly visible.
    Even though we may not respond to every request, we do look at every one that comes in. Due to time and money constraints, we can’t get everything, sorry!
    We will most likely not give yes/nos to given suggestions. Scanlation is competitive and we don’t want to tip our hand to what we’re spending time and money working on.

That should be it. If you have any questions regarding our new setup, feel free to ask.


The purpose of this page is to suggest doujins for us to buy and to provide an explanation on how to search for them on Japanese sites. Finding yuri is no easy task, and you will likely have to click through numerous non-yuri doujins to find a single one. Some series you may expect there to be yuri for might not have any at all.

We do have some general guidelines for what we work on, and therefore for what you’re welcome to suggest. Most of these should be obvious if you’ve been following our releases, but it’s best to make it clear.

  • It has to be yuri (OBVIOUSLY). NO MEN.
  • All series are welcome. It does not have to be something we’ve already done a doujin for.
  • Absolutely no futanari.
  • Toys (strap-ons, vibrators, etc) are all fine.
  • Non-conventional pairings are fine. Though they may be much, much harder to find doujins for.
  • No rape, no scat, and no other extreme fetish stuff. Again, if it’s not sweet and vanilla we are not going to buy it.
  • Threeways and so on are acceptable. Though these will be very rare to find.
  • We enjoy working on SFW (that is, doujins with no sexual content). Please do suggest any good ones.

Now down to business. Here is a list of some series names in Japanese. You’ll need these to search on the sites I will be explaining.
YuruYuri: ゆるゆり
Madoka Magica: 魔法少女まどかマギカ
Nanoha: 魔法少女リリカルなのは
Saki: 咲 -Saki-
Rinne no Lagrange: 輪廻のラグランジェ
Space Pirates: モーレツ宇宙海賊
K-ON!: けいおん!
Touhou: 東方

Obviously there are more series than just these that have yuri out there, this is just a starter list with some heavily yuri shows. If you think a series should be added, feel free to leave a comment.

First up, I’ll explain how to use Toranoana


  • In the “ジャンル” field, input the name of the anime/manga series you want to search, in Japanese. You can get these from the list provided above.
  • Under 一般向/18禁: Select “一般向のみ” for SFW only results. Select “18禁のみ” for NSFW only results. Select 両方 for both NSFW and SFW.
  • Under 男性向/女性向: I recommend selecting “男性向のみ” here. Otherwise you may get Yaoi mixed in.
  • Under 発売年月: You can select the release date range for what you want to search for here. This is useful for when you want to search for things that are coming from a specific Comiket or doujin event only. For example, entering 2012 12月 (December) ~ 2013 1月 (January) will get you mostly Comiket 83 results. Leave this section blank if you want to search for everything.

After this, all there’s left to do is to click through all of the results and see if they are actually yuri or not. Check out the cover AND the preview pages. Sometimes the artist may leave a comment under “コメント” about the content, but not always. Here you can try to look for keywords to determine if the doujin is any good.

Good words:
百合 or ゆり - Yuri!

Bad words:
Anything with 犯 or 姦, these are words associate with forced sex/rape.
ふたなり or フタナリ Futanari. We don’t do this stuff at 2hu-ism.
生える The verb that usually comes with futa.
ちんぽ ちんちん ちんこ チンポ チンコ チンチン Various words for ‘dick’. These will likely be with 生える if they are present.

That should be all there is to it. It’s mostly just tedious work to find the yuri-needle in the haystack.

Next up is Melon Books


  • Put the name of the series you want (Again, in Japanese. You can use the Japanese series names provided above for this site as well.) into the “フリーワード検索” search box up top.
  • Have 同人誌 selected in the drop down box.
  • Have 18禁 R指定 both selected if you want to search for NSFW only. Select 一般 by itself if you want to search for SFW only. Have them all checked to get both.
  • Afterwards it’s just the same process as looking through Toranoana. Check out the sample pages, and look for keywords in the comment section.

Alternatively, you can also search through Pixiv.

Enter the name of the series (in Japanese) that you want to look for in the search box along with “C83”, and that should do the trick. However, not all of these are guaranteed to show up on Tora or Melon. Some doujins are for sale at the event hall only. Not all of the search results with be doujins. Check them out for preview pages. Also look for the word 新刊, if it’s there, it’s likely to be a doujin.

That’s all I have for now, if there are any questions or comments about searching for doujins or donating money, you can leave a message and I’ll get back to you.

216 comments on “Doujin Requests

  1. Hello ! o/

    Maybe some Mira, Aoko, original doujin… In NSFW ? :3 Please ? By the Way, is it too late to donate for the comiket (or other project) ? 🙂

    Thank you so much for your hard work everyone, you enlighten my day :3 Aaaand more seriously : I admire you. A lot 🙂

  2. Please translate

    Valkyrie Drive Siren

    Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhunism

    You can download the chapters with this program as long as you have JRE6 or JRE7 installed.

    And here are all the chapters currently which I’ve already downloaded and merged the double pages.

    New chapters are released about every 2 weeks.

  3. futari naru by moutain pukuichi. the prequel had been translated but the sequel is not.although I found it in e-hentai, the story is inly nsfw as obly contain 4 page of nsfw content . main focus is drama and bullying.

  4. Doujin: Love Live
    Autor: Ooshima Tomo (Sweet Pea)

    Uchuu No.1 Idol Nikoni Ga Choro Sugi Maki-Chan Ni Okoru No Wa Atarimae Desu.

    “NicoMaki Kanshou Party”

    In Toranoana also I found some of the other works of this author have not been translated by link:

  5. I have a nozoeli nsfw doujin, i found it on the net. It’s ONLY yuri, pretty art and no toys, but it’s translated in chinese..can you do the english translation anyway?

  6. If i already got some yuri physical(book) raw, is it possible to request for it’s translation? All are in japanese, but i can’t scan them because i don’t have a scanner

  7. Hello there:
    My name is Akikaze.I’m from KATAHANE translation group.
    After reading your translation of Marine sensei’s manga sleeping beauty. We are deeply touched, thank you for your great work,and we plan to translate it into Chinese so that more Yuri-fans in China could appreciate Marine sensei’s
    manga,however unfortunately,we have no way to get the Japanese version of this manga.So could you mind sharing it with us .Let more people know the beauty of Yuri,and if you have any trouble to get other Japanese version manga we will do our best to help you
    We promise that we won’t public the raw version
    or use for any commercial purposes.
    Certainly,we’ll keep your staff-list.

  8. I would like to request the first two issues of the Megane81 NaoRise series from Persona 4. The latest three have been translated on the site, but unless I am missing them, I cannot find the first two anywhere:
    As well, the latest has seemed to have come out as well:

  9. I would like to request the first two issues of the Megane81 NaoRise series from Persona 4. The latest three have been translated on the site, but unless I am missing them, I cannot find the first two anywhere:
    As well, the latest has seemed to have come out as well:

  10. Not a request, more a general question:
    do you have Series/ Episodes in both, English and Japanes? Or is there a confinient search method for that? I would like to improve my Japanese that way. :>

  11. Hi don’t you want to scan (part 4) as I have already commissioned for scanning: (parts 1-3). As I was commissioning parts 1-3 (and a few other books) part 4 got sold out on toranoana and is going to cost me too much to start a shipment for melonbooks. I see that you have already translated part 1 and that is why I am asking you.


  12. Now, I know this isn’t the way to request things, but my phone doesn’t seem to want to work with the ways you recommend us to use.
    But, anyway, I was wondering when you guys going to translate the sequel to the yuri salon one by Mira (peachpulsar) :

    Again, sorry about requesting it this way.

  13. This isn’t a doujin but actually a manga series that was dropped at another website, but it was dropped at the climax and the manga is a really good classic ojousama yuri manga.
    nobara no mori no otometachi

  14. Hi, brother.
    Can you give me this 秘め事フラワーズ 11 RAW?
    I want to translate into Chinese!
    I can give you this かしゆり~鹿島、百合に覚醒めました~RAW , thanks! 🙂

  15. Is there any possibility of continuing to translate kurogane ken’s Persona Karen? Loved the first two chapter but those are the only ones done ;-;

  16. I would like to request these doujins:

    Event: Rainbow Flavor 8
    Circle: [Berry!16 (Mori Guruta, Saki Chisuzu)]
    Series: Dokidoki! Precure

    Event: C75
    Circle: mumei4goubasi (Akabane Mau)
    Series: Macross Frontier

    Event: Bokura no Love Live! 15
    Circle: [Space Whale (Kuzirazio)]
    Series: Love Live! Sunshine!!

    Event: Bokura no Love Live! 16
    Circle: [KOUGI no Mikan Batake (KOUGI)]
    Series: Love Live! Sunshine!!

    Event: Panzer Vor! 9
    Circle: [Orz Commushoz (Yuuri)]
    Series: Kantai Collection

    Can you to translate these doujins ?

  17. My Yuri eks. HDD get corrupted (cries blood), any chance you’ll make torrent pack again? Downloading each manually whilst there’s so much yuri-site to redownload is yuri hell for me, hope my fav site give me a few helping hands from yuri heaven to help me on this one :3

  18. Hey guys, Okazu just put up a post about the manga Kuroyuri Gakuen Ooku Gakka (クロユリ学園大奥学科). I’d seriously buy it for you if you translated it. It looks like exactly the kind of thing I’d like to read, but a year later it’s still ongoing and still no translation.

    Here’s the Amazon JP link:

  19. Hey, i have a series of doujin that perfectly fits for Yuri-ism, i think!

    It’s a cute/lewd story between Risa and Haru from To Love-Ru.

    I can’t find the first part on melonbooks and etc. but maybe you can?

    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:
    Part 4:

    I would when necessary pay for one or two once you’re done.

    Just mail me when it’s the time.
    The One i write down there.

    Greetings Nyangomaru

  20. I think satou kibi’s touhou doujin is super sweet. if someone didn’t request it already here!

    Reitaisai 14


    Reitaisai 15

    c94 (This one maybe not in stock but I gotta put a link in anyway. Shame that I cant’ help more than this)

    c95 This one is brand new! just out this new year!

    well… her work didn’t get translate for seasons and bunny scan(which translate c90’s work) is not doing anything for almost a years now.

  21. Hello!

    There is this manga called Yuyushiki which seems to be lacking of scans, Dynasty Scans has only volumes 1, 2 and 3 from a total of 9 volumes, and some other sites have parts of other volumes. Yuyushiki also have an anthology book which seems to be a really rare item.

    Thanks for this amazing work and I wish prosperity to the website.

    Yuyushiki on DynastyScans:

    Yuyushiki on Amazon:

    Yuyushiki Anthology:

  22. This Girls und Panzer doujin *seems* to be a sequel of a doujin that’s already been translated by you all. Considering the one that’s already translated is one of my favorites of all time, I think this one will also be really good. Even if you don’t pick this one, thanks for doing what you do!

  23. I hope this is ok for me to request but can you do a yuri of asuna and her daughter yui manga please because I have been looking for a manga of asuna and yui manga and asuna and yui are from sword art online

  24. Hello,
    I would like to request these:

    [Toratanuza (Atori Rei)] Kazanari Tsubasa ga Yukine Chris ni Oshitaosareru Hanashi. (Senki Zesshou Symphogear) [Digital]:

    (Panzer Vor! 14) [Seiteijin (Kawadu)] Itooshiki Waga Imo yo (Girls und Panzer):

    [E-10 Field (Etosei)] Yuritomo (Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!):

    (C96) [Hetalearts (BLACKHEART)] HUNTER x SNIPER (Granblue Fantasy):

    (SunFes 8) [HIYOCCO (hiyocco)] Hisaishi Kanade no Bousou – The Rampage of Kanade Hisaishi (Hibike! Euphonium):

    (C95) [Mushiyaki!! (Kanbayashi Makoto)] Hold me tight (Love Live! Sunshine!!)

  25. There aren’t many doujinshis about “Hibike! Euphonium” and this one has not been translated for a long time. I’d appreciate it if you brought it.

    [HIYOCCO (hiyocco)] Oumae Kumiko no Shoushitsu (Hibike! Euphonium)
    [HIYOCCO (hiyocco)] 黄前久美子の消失 (響け!ユーフォニアム)

  26. Rule of Zero is an original hentai doujin by Isya. There’s 5 parts available now and it’s one of the only original series by them. It’s bdsm themed and not necessarily vanilla but I don’t think it could be considered extreme. I’d love to be able to read it in English. You guys have already done the first chapter already, but it’d be nice to see the rest in english. Sorry for requesting this if there was a reason you didn’t want to translate the other chapters. Here’s the links I found:


    These are all the idolm@ster fomalhaut doujins that have not been leaked or translated yet. I would really like a translation.

    Here are ones that are leaked but not translated:漢化組-fomalhaut-tanaka-shoutarou-ss-the-email-160-protected

    I would really like Lock! And F2 the most out of all of them so hopefully that can be done first if you guys end up doing it. I’d really appreciate it I’ve been wanting to read this for many years. The other fomalhaut comics I basically grew up on in terms of doujins and for like over 3 years I’ve discovered these ones but I didn’t want to buy physical lewd material so I never got to.

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