Join Yuri-ism

Yuri-ism is currently looking for a Cleaner / Typesetter to help us out.

As a cleaner you are expected to take raw scans and level, remove dust, crop, rotate, and sometimes redraw/bubble erase. Typesetters are expected to import scripts, arrange text and sometimes bubble erase/redraw.

Most of our staff currently is in the US or a similar western timezone. We would like to have a typesetter/cleaner that is able to be active around the times we work (6pm-11pm eastern). But we will make exceptions for some.  Must be able to use Trello to coordinate. Photoshop is preferred but GIMP can be used if you have enough expertise with it.

If this sounds interesting to you, submit your info to us in the form below and we’ll get in contact with you shortly. Tell us a little about yourself, your previous experience, and why you want to join Yuri-ism.