Yuri-ism Reader Feedback

All or most releases have “vol.” attached to the name. This is due to a limitation of the reader, it was designed for manga, not doujins. So everything needs assigned a volume and or chapter.  My plan is to use volumes to separate different artists and use chapters on those volumes for each doujin they do. No chapter will be assigned if the artist only has 1 doujin released.

http://www.yuri-ism.net/slide/reader/ shows what has been recently uploaded. Right now it’s just everything I’m putting up in a random order. But eventually this will show you what has been recently released from the site. You can click “Series list” to navigate the main doujin menu.

Planned/Possible features

Downloads directly from the reader are turned off during the beta testing segment. This function can be added later.

Only releases 128 to 169 are presently on the reader. More will be added once the reader has been tested.

Known Issues:

2 Page Spreads are way too big.
Last few pages of HaruChi (Imas) are fugly

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