Release 493: Return of the butts (artist)

My new favorite artist returns on singles awareness day. I hope you’re not expecting some soppy romance story from us, because this new series doesn’t exactly fit that bill. Either way, I think this chapter is off to a great start. Let us know what you think!

For those interested, our next community hangout will be this Friday at 8pm EST. Once a month we all get together at yuri-ism to play games and talk about yuri with the community. We decided to try using BEAM.PRO over Twitch for this months hangout, solely for the reduced stream delay during Jackbox games. It makes it a lot easier to play that way. We’ll at least give it a shot once, if people don’t like it, we’ll return to Twitch. Anyway, can’t wait to see you all there! [New stream link]

P.S. We keep debating what English name to give this series, we may finalize it to something else by Chapter 2.



[Comaku] Don’t Make Me So Turned On (Love Girls – Girls Love Anthology 01) [English] [Yuri-ism]
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