Release 176: Senpai and her pet

Senpai is at it again, just what is she planning? This is a joint release with our good friends at Team Vanilla. You can read the first volume here.

The artist has a third volume planned, but no release date has been made for it yet.



[Peroppoi toko (Chobipero)] Anemone 2 (Original) [English] =TV & Yuri-ism=

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Release 163: A loving senpai

This is a joint release with Almond and Team Vanilla. Saori gets senpai to notice her, but she gets a little more than she bargained for.  There is a 2nd volume to this that we will be working on shortly as well.

Also, I’m experimenting with a more condensed version of our usual blog posts, what do you think?



[Peroppoi toko] Anemone (Original) [English] =TV & Yuri-ism=

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