Release 566: YuruYuri Christmas!

Merry Christmas! This is your friendly neighborhood nut/translator Almond. Today we have a Yui7 KyoukoYui story for you! Now I know you’re all thinking since it’s Yui7 it’s gotta be angst, angst, angst, but nope! Just the usual YuruYuri antics segueing into hot yuri sex. Truly a Christmas miracle!

[G-complex (YUI_7)] Kyou mo Ashita mo Yurui Hibi wo [English] [Yuri-ism]
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Release 431: Christmas for the naughty

A little bit of friendly competition between two girls.

I hope you all have enjoyed our release spree, it’s been a lot of fun for us to do. To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure if we could even pull it off. I didn’t even mention it in the original Christmas blog post because I didn’t know if it would be possible. I only had about 3 releases completely ready to go by the first day. Luckily my whole team had my back and pulled through with flying colors. A big shout out and Merry Christmas to the whole Yuri-ism crew for making this happen. You guys are the best.

Anyway, that’s all for now! We’ll be back with a new release on New Years eve!

love steal


[Yui_7] Love Steal (Kimashi!) [English] [Yuri-ism]
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Release 317: The Path We Walk On

I enjoy doing original doujinshi as of late. It’s nice to have a fresh new story each time you read one. We used to just focus on doing lots of Madoka doujins, but now I’ve been going for a greater variety of reading material. Yui_7 is an interesting artist, their writing style and opinion on yuri differ from many artists we’ve done before.

I’m curious to see what boundaries they will push in their upcoming works. Oh, if you don’t remember this artist, they are the one that wrote “A room without Shiori”, “The Orange Prince” and the latest Shipgirls strap-on doujin. Enjoy!

Scans provided by WeatheredPeach.



[G-complex (YUI_7)] Spring Haze The Path We Walk On [English] [Yuri-ism]

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