Release 317: The Path We Walk On

I enjoy doing original doujinshi as of late. It’s nice to have a fresh new story each time you read one. We used to just focus on doing lots of Madoka doujins, but now I’ve been going for a greater variety of reading material. Yui_7 is an interesting artist, their writing style and opinion on yuri differ from many artists we’ve done before.

I’m curious to see what boundaries they will push in their upcoming works. Oh, if you don’t remember this artist, they are the one that wrote “A room without Shiori”, “The Orange Prince” and the latest Shipgirls strap-on doujin. Enjoy!

Scans provided by WeatheredPeach.



[G-complex (YUI_7)] Spring Haze The Path We Walk On [English] [Yuri-ism]

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26 comments on “Release 317: The Path We Walk On

  1. I agree with the author on the plot, it really is a loose collection of thoughts that don’t form a cohesive whole. In contrast, they said they worked really hard on the sex scene and it shows. Personally, I don’t like this author’s prefered subject matter, inept lovers, because it’s frustrating to watch people with self-destructive habits. It can work in comedy, where you don’t want the character’s problems to be too heavy, but in a drama it is just tiresome.

  2. Oh.. well this was a bit on the serious side wasn’t it.
    Still, it was okay.
    For me, Original doujins with plots I can understand are better than fanfics of anime/mangas that I don’t know.
    BTW, it’s nice to see you doing a variety of materials, but I still wish you would do PMMM doujins from time to time. It seems like it’s been quite long since the last KyoSaya release, not counting the Halloween 4koma of course.

  3. In my opinion, he couples in Yui_7’s works… doesn’t seem to end up having complete happiness.
    Guess that’s what makes some people uneasy.

  4. I strongly prefer the fluffy, happy stuff like Legally Married, but it’s good to have some variety. Speaking of variety, I’m happy you are looking at things other than Madoka, there’s been way too much focus on that franchise to the detriment of original works in the doujin scene.

  5. I am a bit surprised this doujin does not raise more controversy. I mean, we got a girl who sleeps with apparently quite a lot of men and when she is finally a mother, older and not good marriage material anymore settles with the girl…
    Yes yes, it is probably love and stuff but it still feels a bit “wrong”.

    But hey, people are allowed to enjoy this kind of story, i just hope we get a fluffy cute one without men again soon 😉

  6. I didn’t really liked the previous works you guys translated from this artist, but this was actually pretty good, I liked it.

  7. This was emotionally fulfilling, but I have to agree that the events in the manga were kind of wishy-washy and didn’t make a ton of real-life sense. The expressions, the sex scenes, and the emotional subtext that the story communicates are what make this really successful. Also I appreciate the lessened PMMM output, just personally.

  8. As much as I did enjoy this release, I would really like if you guys went back to releasing more PMMM doujins especially NSFW Homura x Madoka ones.

  9. I am a Kyousaya maniac, but I would prefer yuri-ism to translate a wide variety of things. It’s always a treat having a less known yuri artist like this come out once in a while.

    I enjoyed this release, and liked how it explored the complicated ambiguity of the characters feelings. Sometimes things can be too nicely wrapped up, and this reminds me more of real relationships, where important things are all too often left unsaid.

  10. That was as good as Earthgirls. The love scenes could have been more detailed, but have both the characters have short hair made up for it. This is one of the most realistic stories I have read in along time. Seriously just wow….

  11. Just finally actually payed attention to the cover and thought: “DAAAAMMN, she TALL!” Just wanted to express that one idea besides me saying how much I enjoy YUI_7’s work.

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