Release 653: Good news and bad news

I personally prefer good news first, so here goes: we’re picking up a new series! This is Kiyo in Kyoto: short and sweet episodes of a teenage cook working in a school for maiko(entertainers similar to geisha) in kyoto. Here’s 5 chapters to start off strong. Look forward to more in the near future!
Now, the bad news: Hiiragi Yutaka, artist behind Shinmai Shimai or foodgirls as some of us call it, announced that the series will be going on hiatus. Yutaka started experiencing back pain last spring and it’s gotten bad enough they feel it’s necessary to take a break. Here’s hoping for a swift recovery!

Note from Chansu: This isn’t the typical yuri series we usually do. But it’s about food and the translator thinks it’s a good project for while Food Girls is on hiatus

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Release 649 & 650: We’re back!

After a wonderful tropical vacation, Sachi and Ayari are back, and so are we with this double release! Sachi wants to go for a picnic, but Ayari’s not too keen on heading out in cold weather…until Sachi offers to cook. What will she make to draw out this cold cat out of her blanket?
Also: if anyone wondered what Eri was up to during their trip, wonder no further! The extra’s all about her and her super adorable little sis.

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Read on Dynasty (link filled in later) we retired our inhouse reader and will be using dynasty from now on.