Release 446: Dance to the Yuri 8

It’s time for the penultimate chapter of Iromeki. Kimochis will be admitted, but will they be accepted!? Will Saki and Aki finally hook up, or will they be relegated to an awkward friendship for ALL OF ETERNITY!?

As always, you can click “Charie” under the tags to the post to get the rest of the chapters.



[Charie] Child Resolution 3 (Iromeki Girls) [English] [Yuri-ism]
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Release 444: My Little Sister Can’t Possibly Be This Yuri

Separated after a family breakup, Sayuri hasn’t seen her sister Mikoto in years. But one day she spots a familiar figure in the playground… with wings?

If you read Master and Me, this was what that credit page was hinting towards! We’ve been working on this since the start of the year. Enjoy 100+ pages of Itou Hachi cuteness!

Reminder that these are in 5 different chapters on our reader, so be sure to read them all!



[Itou Hachi] Sayuri’s Little Sister Is An Angel vol 1 [English] [Yuri-ism]

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Release 443: Aim for Yuritopia!

We actually bought this doujin quite some time ago, but before we got around to doing it, the official English translation was announced. And so we decided to wait for it’s release to put this doujin out. It’s not every day you get that kind of fortune!

For those unaware, this doujin is based on a yuri VN that’s been translated into English and is actually available… on Steam! You can find more info on it by clicking on the Steam link here or the MangaGamer link over here. It comes highly recommended from everyone in the group that’s played it, so definitely check it out! If you have some money to spare, consider buying a copy, and help support a brighter Yuri future!



[Hatake wo Tagayasu Dake (Mikan)] Hello Melancholic (Okujou no Yurirei-san) [English] [Yuri-ism]

Credit Page Source: Pixiv

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Cure Assort Selection from Isya, Her Second Official Release

We’re happy to announce that our second collaboration with isya / 434 Not Found is now finished! Like the first one, this is another paid release, so everyone will be able to support Isya directly. This time around, we handled the translations ourselves, and Isya did all of the typesetting and SFX. While there was not as much to revise and correct as the first time, it was still plenty of work for all of us, so it’s great to see the finished work finally getting out there.

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