Release 274: Yuri la Kill

Our first, and hopefully not last, KLK doujin! Satsuki’s warped idea of sisterly love is on full display.

Fair warning – if you are hardcore about shipping Mako you may want to skip this.

For everyone that uses the online reader function. There is a secondary backup link that will be available on this release and a few others. If the main one runs slow for you, feel free to use the backup for now. I’ll be eventually merging them to increase performance, but for now it’ll be like this.

Unrelated vidya comment: A lot of us at #yuri-ism are Dota 2 fans, and I want to know… Who do you guys got for the ti4 finals match?

Mild spoiler warning for those who have not progressed through a majority of the show.



(COMIC1☆8) [Ninokoya (Ninoko)] Yuri la Kill (Kill la Kill) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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