19 comments on “Release 132: Surprise Pirates

  1. Nice DJ ♥♥♥

    P.S: I think Yuri-ism forgot to put the zip file “Yuri Release #…” in Sendspace download link ^^??

  2. I don’t know why but don’t you guys think it’s not even having YURI LOVE? I have a feeling that those girls in those kind of lewd DJ just getting on and having sex (toys, force, etc.) without emotion or something connection with Yuri’s love?

    I don’t mean it because I really like Yuri-ism’s staff and their working hard on translating DJ for Yuri fans (I’m a big fan of HomuMado, of course!). Somehow, I feel that Yuri-ism is another FAKKU site for YURI.

    It’s just my opinion :). Sorry if I say something weird in there. I just missed these old days when I saw real Yuri-ish love story, pure, vanilla love, and fresh (K-on, Madoka Magica, Precure,…).

    • Outside of the two most recent releases, Im not sure how you draw that conclusion. Especially considering we have done SF5 and “i love you 5” recently, both of which have been going on for a long time.

      • @Lily: Why so serious?

        @Nandeyanen: Although I don’t like reading Yuri with toys, I still waiting for the next release :).FAKKU is the most huge website (don’t care if it’s a hentai or non-hentai site), and I think we – Yuri’s Fan – will definitely be happy to see YURI-ISM being the most huge YURI site like them =].

    • I’m assuming that happened on sendspace? Cancel it out, then reload the page and try again.
      This should be the screen that you will be able to download the zip at.

  3. “It’s time for some porn!”
    I was going to mention the plot was confusing but hey – porn!
    Thanks for the porn!

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