Release 131: Bad End Lewdcures

Our first and probably only level 6 lewd doujin! In fact, this doujin is SO lewd that they forgot to censor a vagina.

As such, I will issue this warning: This is NOT the typical hand holding with bubbles and sparkles doujin we do – far from it. The sex is not consensual, it has a good bit of femdom, and is just incredibly lewd in general. Not recommended for prudes!

Now if none of that stuff bothers you, read on!



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26 comments on “Release 131: Bad End Lewdcures

  1. Normally i would make a comment thanking you guys for the release but this time i just have to say poor Madoka she looks so scared in the lewdness rating box.

    Oh and thanks for the release XD

  2. Well, that was kinda unpleasant, including the dialogue…But I guess there was no blood, violence or torture, that counts for something. Thanks for the doujin regardless.

  3. I don’t know why but I think this is my first time to read “Yuri (rape)” O_O….Also, I don’t .. um, get used to seeing humiliation in Yuri DJ or manga.

    Poor Madoka, after reading this, I am trembling as much as her =)).

    Anw, thank you guys for translating this hard-core Yuri =}.

  4. It’s either Madoka is really sheltered or I’ve seen the darkest depths of the net one too many and/or a second too long. o.o

    anyways thanks guys!

  5. i’ll say that again and again, i feel sorry for Madoka to be used in ‘lewd meter’.
    this one is quite a thing, rly.

  6. I counted 51 genitals on 34 Pages (including 3 empthy ones, but not the yuri-ism note). Hence the genital per page ratio is exactly 1.5, the new main rule for lewd level 6.

  7. Poor Madoka. She’s seen things, but this ranks up there as traumatizing for her. Anyway, thanks for the release and I’ll enjoy it.

  8. Holy crap! That was intense!
    Poor Madoka was so shocked she fell out of her chair, dropped her sign, and transformed into full magical girl mode!

  9. I was expecting it to be REALLY over the top and maybe even a little more violent, so when I read it I was (kind of) positively surprised. Still this was very intense I’m I think I’m happy that this will probably be your last Level 6 doujin.
    Still, thanks for the release 🙂

  10. when i saw this in the upcoming box i was like yes and still after seeing the description i am still stoked to read this

  11. This is all really lovely! Thank you for translating this. I’m from a group that’s rather into this thing(bad girls dominating/mind controlling good girls), so seeing that this was translated was wonderful. I’m so thankful it’s pure yuri.

  12. H*ly cr*p! That was so freaking intense, that was the first (yuri rape) I’ve seen in my whole life, just wow………. ANYWAY thx for the release keep up the yuri work

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