Release 435: My Queen and Me

The world needs more femdom doujins!

We spent most of January relaxing, playing video games and the such. But we’ve all returned from vacation so it’s back to the scanlation grind. This was a project I was gonna do whenever we had some downtime between orders, so here it is!

Our project preview board is mostly updated now as well. One of our upcoming projects is near 200 pages that we plan to release all at once. So that one might be awhile, I’ve also been busy getting the next Isya release ready. She had to spend a majority of Oct-Jan trying to catch up on her own projects before finishing the English ones with us. But it will be worth the wait, her new releases will have drastically lighter censorship or no censorship at all, along with improved typesetting. So I hope you’ll continue to support her when the next one comes out!



(CSP5) [Consava (Himeno Komomo)] My Queen and Me ~Training In Progress~ (Seikon no Qwaser) [English] [Yuri-ism]
Credit Page: Gelbooru

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