Release 266: Onion grilled yuri

A certain translating nut decided to find some yuri for this series after watching it recently. A joint release with Team Vanilla.

Warning: Contains lewd onions

ss (2014-06-05 at 11.24.39)


(Maiden’s Garden) [Ngmyu (Tohgarashi Hideyu)] Little Onions Beneath a Tree’s Shade. (Simoun) [English] =TV & Yuri-ism=

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11 comments on “Release 266: Onion grilled yuri

  1. “I-I’m coming from onions!!” 😀 Just awesome, most original porn line ever, good stuff, thanks a lot!!

  2. I remember this series! One of the animes I found thru Netflix’s DVDs (back when you could still watch a whole series on DVD thru Netflix that is). It was beautiful to look at, but made little since and the ending left me going “HUH?”. But still was pretty to watch so it was okay.

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