Release 265: NicoMaki and MakiNico

It’s good to see Nico get some thorough loving in this one. Cocoa Break’s doujins seem to be a little one-sided with Maki-chan getting all the attention usually. But luckily for Nico, Maki knows exactly what she wants!



[Sweet Pea, COCOA BREAK (Ooshima Tomo)] Prism Girls (Love Live! School idol project) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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20 comments on “Release 265: NicoMaki and MakiNico

  1. Maki’s usually the one eating Nico up in Ooshima Tomo’s NicoMaki doujins. You’re mixing them up with Sekihara, who almost always has it the other way around.

  2. Love it. Any RinPana doujins in the works? There must be something good out there worth translating. Please.

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