Release 514: Earth Girls Returns

Lesbian! Cavegirl! Harem! Mammoth! Boobies! Peachpulsar! Need I say more? Mira is back with more revisionist prehistoric fantasy yuri. Get it while it’s fresh!

*Sorry, I lied. No mammoths, real or imagined, were hurt in the production of this story. However, there are some big beasts. Real big beasts.

If you haven’t read it yet or need a refresher, I made a new category for Earth Girls on the reader so you can easily read the original one Mira did years ago. The original is marked volume 1 and the new stuff is volume 2. Sorry there’s no chapter names for this one.


[peachpulsar (Mira)] EARTH GIRLS TUMUGI [English] [Yuri-ism] [Digital]

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Release 512: Strawberry Milk

We had some debate weeks ago on the Yuri-ism discord about milk flavors. It turns out I’m pretty much the only person that actually likes strawberry milk. Someone even chose banana milk over it. Maybe I’m just weird. What’s your take on milk flavors?

(Hiiragi Yutaka) Shinmai Shimai no Futari Gohan ch18 (Dengeki Daioh 2017-02) [English] [Yuri-ism]
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Release 511: Surprise Love Hotel

This is the seventh installment of what we originally called “Hospital Girls.” Seems like things are starting to get more serious between the characters… maybe we’ll end up with an 18+ book eventually?

But this is indeed a continuing story, so if you haven’t read the previous chapters, we highly recommend doing so first! You can find them by clicking the ‘Yorita Miyuki’ tag on this post.

If anyone has raws/scans for the 8th book, please let us know! We aren’t able to buy a copy just yet.

[Sosou Shibu (Yorita Miyuki)] Her Kiss – Infectious Lust – Taking Cover from the Rain [English] [Yuri-ism]
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Release 507: Tonight I’ll be on top

More Mira! Another sequel, this time it’s the fourth story of the office girl duo Aoi and Maika! Maika injures her right hand in an (un)lucky accident, so Aoi follows her home to help her out: cooking, cleaning, bathing, coughsexcough

[peachpulsar (Mira)] Tonight I’ll Be On Top [English] [Yuri-ism] [Digital]
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