Release 494: Sakurako in covert ops part 11

It didn’t hit me until the author mentioned it in the afterword, but we really have been working on this series for a long time now. And to think, I almost never bought the first two books in the first place! Who knows how much longer this will go on, but it’s been fun to keep going through the years with this.

This is the first release from our new cleaner Jessica. Be sure to welcome her to the Yuri-ism family! Oh, and we have more good news. We’ve been working with Isya on bringing her original manga to the west. We are currently in the finishing touches on not one, but four chapters. I don’t have a release date for it yet, but likely late this month or sometime in April.

(C91) [Purimomo (Goyac)] Secret Flowers 11 (YuruYuri) [English] [Yuri-ism]
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Release 485: A Maid Gets Her Mistress

This is the third and final edition of “The One I Love”. I highly recommend you read the previous two chapters before this one! You can check them out under the tag for Waterfall here.

We’re still looking to find a new cleaner/typesetter to join us. No experience is necessary – as long as you are willing & able to take criticism and work at it and get better. If you’re interested, you can click here to find more info and send us a message.

Also – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!



[Takano Saku] The One I Love – Part 3 (L -Ladies & Girls Love- 10) [English] [Yuri-ism]
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Chansu reaches never before seen levels of oldness


Hey there folks, nande here. Today marks the anniversary of Chansu’s birth into za warudo! When is someone going to put this guy out to pasture, I wonder? Talk about old and busted!

Anyway, I don’t think anything could top what I made last year (which you can and should totally check out HERE if you haven’t seen it yet), so I figured I would give him some recognition on everything he’s done for Yuri-ism, since it’s easy for all this stuff to go unnoticed or unrealized.

Since Chansu and I started Yuri-ism, he’s probably typeset a few thousand pages worth of doujinshi. Most of that is pretty involved, too… from picking out various fonts to doing all sorts of redraws. In addition to that, he takes care of a lot of the technical side of the Yuri-ism webpage – the hosting, the reader setup, reminding me of forgotten passwords, etc. Quite impressive for someone who does all of this as a hobby! And, most impressive of all, he has managed to put up with me for five years.

In closing, Happy Birthday Chansu, and thanks for everything you do for Yuri-ism!

Release 459: Sexually Frustrated Office Ladies part 4

It’s been a super long time coming… but the fourth chapter is finally here! Unfortunately it seems like Mebae is releasing at a much slower pace, so it may be quite the wait until chapter 5. Until then… enjoy!

Reading the previous chapters is highly recommended. You can check them out by clicking here!

Finally, speaking of Mebae series… if anyone was looking forward to more ‘Persona KAREN’… that did not get a new chapter, sorry!



[Ono Hiroki] Mayonaka Yonaka No Accept ch. 4 (Mebae Vol.5 – Vivid Girls Love Anthology) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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Cure Assort Selection sales update and next projects

Sorry for the delay! The Fakku version of her latest work is now available here.

Thank you all for supporting Isya all this time, I know it really means a lot to her. We wanted to announce that the next projects we’ll be doing is her original manga series “Rule of 0” next. We will also be publishing Rule of 0 fully uncensored as well, a first for Isya. Working with her has been an absolutely amazing experience for us. Her kindness knows no bounds, from telling me to rest up just when I had a cold, to personally drawing a birthday card for our QCer Patamon. I hope you all will continue to support her and look forward to her next series!


Release 443: Aim for Yuritopia!

We actually bought this doujin quite some time ago, but before we got around to doing it, the official English translation was announced. And so we decided to wait for it’s release to put this doujin out. It’s not every day you get that kind of fortune!

For those unaware, this doujin is based on a yuri VN that’s been translated into English and is actually available… on Steam! You can find more info on it by clicking on the Steam link here or the MangaGamer link over here. It comes highly recommended from everyone in the group that’s played it, so definitely check it out! If you have some money to spare, consider buying a copy, and help support a brighter Yuri future!



[Hatake wo Tagayasu Dake (Mikan)] Hello Melancholic (Okujou no Yurirei-san) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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