Release 359: Yuri-ism Gets Older

Yuri-ism is now three years old!

It still doesn’t feel like it’s been that long since Madoka initially pulled us into the world of yuri scanlation. Even after 350+ releases, we are still going strong. The power of Godoka compels us! As always, we are very grateful for all the support we receive from our readers. The Yuri-ism crew works great together, so hopefully we can all stick around for a long time and keep doing what we do! And now for the good stuff.

As some of you might know, we are in the final stages of a collaboration release with one of our all-time favorite artists, Isya / 434 Not Found. It’s been awesome to work with her throughout the translation and editing process, and hopefully we are not too far off from the ultimate release. Her first work will be available for digital purchase. If it’s possible, and she wants to do it, we may even release physical editions of her original works in the future. It’s not easy to support an artist directly, so we hope you can join us in showing her some love once her first release is out there. If you like, you can follow Isya on twitter, she posts about in English about the glory of 2d girls every now and then.

Click here for an all-new preview pic of Isya’s upcoming digital release!

We have an updated, super sugoi survey for anyone who’s interested to take. Your responses could determine the future direction of Yuri-ism! You can take that survey here.



(C87) [Daily Bridge (Hiiragi Yutaka)] crochet rest [English] [Yuri-ism]

Download: Mega | Uploaded | Yuri-ism (Direct Download)
[Read Online] [Backup Reader]

Release 310: Hiyorigeta, Soiree and Yellow Drops

Three full stories packed into one release! Some of you may have read Hiyorigeta and Soiree months ago when it was translated by another group and put on Dynasty. However, we bought Yellow Drops without realizing it was a sequel to the two previous works. We decided to go ahead and re-translate the first 2 pixiv works after noticing a few translation inaccuracies in them, and I’m sure many people on this blog haven’t read them yet anyway.



[Daily Bridge (Hiiragi Yutaka)] Hiyorigeta [English] [Yuri-ism]
[Daily Bridge (Hiiragi Yutaka)] Soiree [English] [Yuri-ism]
(C86) [Daily Bridge (Hiiragi Yutaka)] Yellow Drops [English] [Yuri-ism]

Download (Contains all 3): Mega | Uploaded | Yuri-ism (Direct Download)
Read Online: Hiyorigeta Soiree Yellow Drops