Release 359: Yuri-ism Gets Older

Yuri-ism is now three years old!

It still doesn’t feel like it’s been that long since Madoka initially pulled us into the world of yuri scanlation. Even after 350+ releases, we are still going strong. The power of Godoka compels us! As always, we are very grateful for all the support we receive from our readers. The Yuri-ism crew works great together, so hopefully we can all stick around for a long time and keep doing what we do! And now for the good stuff.

As some of you might know, we are in the final stages of a collaboration release with one of our all-time favorite artists, Isya / 434 Not Found. It’s been awesome to work with her throughout the translation and editing process, and hopefully we are not too far off from the ultimate release. Her first work will be available for digital purchase. If it’s possible, and she wants to do it, we may even release physical editions of her original works in the future. It’s not easy to support an artist directly, so we hope you can join us in showing her some love once her first release is out there. If you like, you can follow Isya on twitter, she posts about in English about the glory of 2d girls every now and then.

Click here for an all-new preview pic of Isya’s upcoming digital release!

We have an updated, super sugoi survey for anyone who’s interested to take. Your responses could determine the future direction of Yuri-ism! You can take that survey here.



(C87) [Daily Bridge (Hiiragi Yutaka)] crochet rest [English] [Yuri-ism]

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28 comments on “Release 359: Yuri-ism Gets Older

  1. I’ve been waiting eternities for this to come out (waiting for the Booth release too so I can support the artist! ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑)

    Thank you so much for bringing this work to us, translated. And of course the collaboration with Isya-san as well!

    Happy 3rd Birthday, Yuri-ism! May the gay of the goddess of gay Madoka and Nozomi bless us all for more releases (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

  2. Happy Birthday Yuri-ism 🙂
    Also, that’s great news! I can’t wait for isya’s newest works and it’s so awesome that she’s working together with you to make her works available for all of us.

    Lastly, releasing something new by Hiiragi Yutaka is probably the best way to celebrate, so thanks a lot 🙂

  3. Greeting.

    Time sure is a mischievous maiden, I have been following yuri-ism since the beginning. Now that I take a look back, it sure have been a long way you all had gone through, and yet I feel like it was not that long ago since I first read your release.

    I have nothing to say really other than thank you all very much for everything you have done for the good of yuri!

    About your work with Isya / 434 Not Found, I dare say it’s the right step into the right direction. IMO the main problem that stand between the majority of us yuri lovers and the great doujinshi in Japan is the Japanese language itself. I’m studying it so I can certainly say it’s a beautiful language, but very hard to follow all the way through. By doing this, you and Isya / 434 Not Found are bringing us closer to what I call a very good future.

    Once again, you all have my thanks filled with gratitude from the bottom of my heart. I wish you all well both in your endeavor for the good of yuri and in real life as well!

    P/s: I have also done the survey. Some changes here and there. I hope many more people will participate in it.

  4. Happy Birthday, Yuri-ism! Thank you for your great work ^_^

    And yeah, posting Bridge is perfect way to celebrate :3
    But still… Can somebody tell the author about two-sided sex? It’s so frustrating without it in that kind of amazing doujin with incredible art… I’ve been in such relationship though, where my partner just didn’t have a thought about doing something during sex (yeah, lesbian sex), so it’s quite a painful reading T_T Sato-chan, fighto!

  5. 434 Not Found.. ah, that 7th Heaven doujin. That artist’s preface pages are really tanoshii to read ^^
    Also Happy Birthday Yuri-ism!

  6. Thank you for these 3 years and thank you for keeping up the good stuff, you’re all awesome !
    Happy Birthday Yuri-ism !
    I hope you’ll continue to do all this yuri-so-nice stuff for long time ! 😀

  7. Happy Birthday Yuri-ism! I can still remember the day I found you guys on Fakku and just started reading Yuri (I’m a lesbian but yet I never did read any yuri until I found you guys). Now I’m a yuri addict. Can’t wait for Isya release, you guys have my wallet’s full support.
    And love this release so much. I hope this artist will do more of these two (hopefully Hinako dom)

  8. Thanks for all your effort, guys.

    Also, oh my gawd, the brunette is so tiny. Standing on her tiptoes she barely reaches to the blonde’s chin.

  9. “we may even release physical editions of her original works in the future.”
    I didn’t know anything about the colaboration, but if she’s gonna do physical releases i will be really tempted to get buy all of them.

  10. I like sweet romantic yet passionate sex like this 😀 also,happy to see there are more lesbians who like yuri lol

    Ahhh,I just found about you guys like..some months ago but I hope you’ll be with us for a long lonh time you rock

  11. Happy Birthday Yuri-ism!! Keep up the great work you guys are the greatest!! and I love Yuri so much!! the stories are so cute and has great romance and many stories I found quite touching too ah Yuri forever! long live Yuri!

  12. Lol to think that this happy birthday post made so many silent readers come out =))
    Happy birthday!! Hope you guys grow moarrrr 😀
    The art is beautiful and the story is cute, but like a person above, I like to read a 2 sided sex, I’m kind of obsessed with equal of power in a relationship lol

  13. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the survey it’s always great to know you want feed back from your fans. I can’t wait to see more great works for you. Also if Physical copies of good doujins are ever up to buy I will certainly make a purchase!

  14. I’ve heard a group of fandub booscan in spanish, which has been taken your translations =/ if any permission from each mangas which have been published in english yuri genre, is kind bad not taking the importance of putting the credits which have been obtained. So far is very It important because it is purchased from english people 😦

    • Hi, I saw your e-mail but didn’t get around to replying. Sorry for that. It’s okay if other translation groups don’t credit us with the English translation. I appreciate it when they do, but they by no means require my permission to do so. Thanks for your concern.

  15. Btw, I was looking for this post, and I noticed it was tagged under Hiiragi Yutaka. I just want you guys to know (if ever you’re OCD and want releases tagged properly or something like that.) ╭( ・ㅂ・)و

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