Release 410: The Yuri Files

Greetings, Earthlings! We hail from planet Yuri-ism and are on a mission to spread love and lesbian sex. Resistance will be met with fatal snoo-snoo.
Have a nice day.



[Otakubeam (Ootsuka Mahiro)] Kanata’s Journey II / Sorako’s Journey episode 05 [English] [Yuri-ism]

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Chansu is now older than EVER BEFORE!!

Yes indeed, it’s true, today is Chansu’s birthday! I(nande) haven’t forgotten this time around, so I can actually make a proper post. Chansu is getting into his golden years now, so hopefully he will still be able to read this super awesome birthday card ANIMATED GIF! I made for him!

Everyone can check the card out by pressing the button on Akane’s giant butt!


From everyone at and around Yuri-ism, happy birthday normie-nerd!

Release 408: Soup For Two

What’s our food duo up to so late at night?¬†You’ll have to read the chapter to find out!

foodgrills blog

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P.S. Our favorite dotted outline Aref Naa tried¬†making this chapter’s dish!


This was actually surprisingly tasty- I’m not usually a mushroom person- made this with cremini since I couldn’t find other fresh mushrooms than the boring white ones. The recipe doesn’t have cooking times, but I found that “long enough to go read the recipe again, find the ingredient, chop it up and add it” was about right in every case. A pair of butterknives works well for guiding the egg. If you like vinegar, you might add more than the recipe suggests- it really brings out the sour, especially if you do the tomato-scoop thing. I just wish the soup had behaved a bit better for the camera. It doesn’t look as tasty as it is in this photo :p

Release 407: Hospital Girls ch3

Also with 100% less Hospital.

What will happen when Sacchan’s friend is exposed to the world of yuri manga? Read on, and be amazed!

There will be at least 2 more chapters of this story. The artist seems pretty into it, so it’s likely it will continue on even beyond that.



[Sosou Shibu (Yorita Miyuki)] Her Kiss – Infectious Lust – A Third Person’s Lust [English] [Yuri-ism]

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Release 406: Dance to the Yuri

First we had foxgirl yuri, then food yuri, and now we have… dance club yuri! This is the first chapter in a book that tells the story of three different yuri couples from a dance club. It’s not a serialization, but there will be 6~8 releases worth of material. We hope you enjoy it!

After releasing for 6 days straight we ended up taking a little break. You can blame this on idols and video games! But now we’re back to our regularly scheduled yuri releases. And speaking of yuri releases, people have been asking when the next Isya release will be. I don’t have a set date, but we will have at least one more release this year, hopefully early next month. After our first release we took a bunch of feedback and looked at what could be improved. Isya has been working extra hard to do even better this time, and I think you’ll be pleased with the final product once it’s out. I also want to thank everyone again for supporting her work. It has really meant a lot to her!



[Charie] Rhythmical (Iromeki Girls) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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