Release 410: The Yuri Files

Greetings, Earthlings! We hail from planet Yuri-ism and are on a mission to spread love and lesbian sex. Resistance will be met with fatal snoo-snoo.
Have a nice day.



[Otakubeam (Ootsuka Mahiro)] Kanata’s Journey II / Sorako’s Journey episode 05 [English] [Yuri-ism]

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12 comments on “Release 410: The Yuri Files

  1. Do you guys know here can I find the first two chapters of this series in English? Or is this a stand alone chapter? Can I read it alone or after reading only the fourth one before? I have a thing where I need to see the entire series of anything I read/play/watch before getting into a new series (which made getting into Touhou a hell, a bullet hell, heh heh).

  2. Yesssss~ I love this series. Please do more of this.

    To answer other’s questions, everything in this series is a stand alone chapter up to a certain extent. However, Katana’s events are tied to her friend, Sorako’s chapters. Not sure how the chronology goes, but occasionally they meet the same people from different chapters.

  3. – Just warning those interested in the series. –

    The main girl here has appeared in other parts having sex with a dude (“subject”), might not have a yuri end for her.

  4. The Midgaurd (Earth) Defense Forces sends invitation to Planet Yuri-ism to join the Great Star Alliance in recognition of its hard work to spread Love in the Multiverse

  5. Thanks for translating! I remember seeing the raws for this some time ago, and it’s nice to see it in English.

    You can find this series by searching the mangaka’s name on the ehentai galleries. IIRC they haven’t all been translated into English. Be aware that previous chapters show het sex.

    • That’s a toy – either a double dildo or strapless dildo. They’re sure talking about it in heteronormative terms though…to my chagrin.

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