Release 408: Soup For Two

What’s our food duo up to so late at night? You’ll have to read the chapter to find out!

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P.S. Our favorite dotted outline Aref Naa tried making this chapter’s dish!


This was actually surprisingly tasty- I’m not usually a mushroom person- made this with cremini since I couldn’t find other fresh mushrooms than the boring white ones. The recipe doesn’t have cooking times, but I found that “long enough to go read the recipe again, find the ingredient, chop it up and add it” was about right in every case. A pair of butterknives works well for guiding the egg. If you like vinegar, you might add more than the recipe suggests- it really brings out the sour, especially if you do the tomato-scoop thing. I just wish the soup had behaved a bit better for the camera. It doesn’t look as tasty as it is in this photo :p

12 comments on “Release 408: Soup For Two

  1. The soup manages to be even tastier after sitting in the fridge a day or two.
    Beware of detonating mushrooms if you microwave it, though :p

  2. That soup they made during this chapter looked and sounded good I wanna try it I am gonna have to give these recipes you guys have posted out sometime. Thanks for the amazing upload!

  3. :O I finally get why it’s called “egg drop” soup! (never felt the need to look it up before)

    Seriously, I might have to take a crack at this. Chicken and tomato is already a match made in heaven, but adding to that both mushrooms AND eggs?! *nosebleed*

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