Release 267: Surrender to Shipgirls

I think these two might be my favorite shipgirls couple. Hopefully the upcoming anime delivers some yuri moments and doesn’t have all the girls going mindlessly after the admiral.



(COMIC1☆8) [Zattou Keshiki (Okagiri Shou)] Blossoming Maidens (Kantai Collection) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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8 comments on “Release 267: Surrender to Shipgirls

  1. They’re definitely sweet along with Kitakami/Ooi, but carriers combinations are my soft spot.

    I hope the admiral isn’t featured at all & is like one of the serialized manga on batoto. If there is an admiral, no romance at all would probably be best….

  2. It would be better if the admiral in the anime was a female admiral and she harem’s all the ship girls. Although we all know that will never and the anime has a 80% chance of just being another hetero harem fest.

  3. I believe this is the first Yuri I have seen from Kantai Collection. All of them seem to be all bout the girls being gaga over that stupid admiral.

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