12 comments on “Release 133: Rikka’s Pure Love

  1. That was so damn cute I think my heart stopped at least twice! Thanks guys!

    (I’m saving that panel with Rikka doing the thumbs-up nosebleed pose)

  2. It’s funny how Kasumi either draws absolutely cute and light doujinshi or really really lewd ones. Well I love them either way, so thank you very much for yet another great release!

  3. That totally hit it. I wasn’t ready for this level of cuteness. Rikka is truly Mana’s waifu! Yuri-ism gave me back my heart-throbbing feeling! I’d buy this in an instant if there was an english release. Thank you :3

  4. Exactly as advertized. This is Pure Love!!!
    Page 18 Rikka’s reaction is soooo funny!
    Thanks for the sweet doujiny goodness!!

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