Cure Assort Selection from Isya, Her Second Official Release

We’re happy to announce that our second collaboration with isya / 434 Not Found is now finished! Like the first one, this is another paid release, so everyone will be able to support Isya directly. This time around, we handled the translations ourselves, and Isya did all of the typesetting and SFX. While there was not as much to revise and correct as the first time, it was still plenty of work for all of us, so it’s great to see the finished work finally getting out there.


That said, we’re in the beginning stages of moving on to another project with Isya. Hopefully we’ll have more info to share on what it is that we’ll be doing soon. It’s a lot of fun to be able to partner with her, and we’re looking forward to the next work!

Like we did for the last post, here’s a FAQ section:

Where can I buy it? DLSite Other options may be coming in the future.

How much does this release cost? It’s priced at $7.59

How much goes to the artist/how much does yuri-ism make from this: Yuri-ism is not making any money from this. We did it for fun, and to help out isya, because she’s amazing!

Will there be a printed book for this/other releases? No, isya has no plans to do any printed books in English at this time.

Is it uncensored? No, it is still censored at the same level a typical doujinshi is.

Feel free to email us with any other questions or comments. You can send your love to Isya via twitter @434notfound

25 comments on “Cure Assort Selection from Isya, Her Second Official Release

  1. Heck YES! another great work by my favorite artist, well time to bust out the wallet and buy this wonder yuri book,

    Long Live Yuri-ism!

    • “Where can I buy it? DLSite Other options may be coming in the future.”

      Read: They’re probably working on it.

      • I saw on Isya’s twitter that there were some issues with getting all the paperwork for Fakku, and from what it sounded like, they were dragging their feet on getting it done enough that it’s likely that we’ll be seeing this only on DLSite and Amazon (but it sounds like it may show up on Amazon yet)

  2. Just made the purchase and I have a serious question: what is a “.cpd” file and how do I obtain the .zip/.jpg or .pdf version? There’s a “User Authorization” html file enclosed, but it’s in Japanese. Please tell me this isn’t guarded by some weird DRM.

    • We’ll be contacting her shortly to get the DRM removed. Our intent was for the release to not have it to begin with, and isya isn’t opposed to removing it, so hopefully we can get it out soon.

      • Will I be able to download the DRM-free version for free if I already purchased the DRM one? Because in its current form, I can not open the file…

        • All right, here is the route isya wants to go:

          For those who have already purchased and cannot get past the DRM, please contact DLsite support @ and explain to them what’s going on. If DLsite support cannot help anyone with what’s going on, then isya will remove the DRM, but she wants to try the support first.

          For those who have NOT yet purchased and hate DRM – please wait for one of the alternate purchase methods. It’s looking like we will be able to get this up on Fakku at some point, and it should be on amazon as well.

        • I hate DRM and would not have bought it if I knew it had DRM. I expected a normal .zip file with some .pngs inside like always. (The Fakku! release of her last book didn’t have it). DRM does not prevent people from sharing the content online eventually, it only makes it harder for people like me who want to legitimately purchase the product. It is simply impractical to install a separate program each frickin’ time yet another product requires a new kind of DRM. What if I have no Windows/Mac, like on a phone or tablet? What if the DRM program is discontinued and I want to reread it in a couple of years? What if I have a favorite ebook-reader with features I really value? Well, with a proprietary format I am screwed. A zip file will never die out completely and can be read/converted with almost anything. The irony is that the listed problems do not apply to pirated copies. They are in decent formats without any stupid protection. Why should an illegal copy have an advantage over the original? Right, it shouldn’t! Please recognize this and refrain from using DRM on your works. Thank you!

          Anyways – I am not able to decrypt the file. Not because I don’t know how, but because I do not have Windows or Mac. So will there be any way for me to read the manga?

          PS: Sorry for that totally non-yuri comment here, but I just needed to get this off my chest.

        • It’s not our call whether or not the DRM is on there, it’s all up to isya.

          As I said, for now, isya wants people to contact DLsite support with any issues. If problems can still not be resolved, then she will remove it.

        • All right. Then I will have to wait…

          Still, thanks for the time and effort you put into all this (including dealing with people like me :/ ). And thanks to isya for trying to cater to a western audience.

  3. I’ll admit it took me a bit of time to figure out how to actually read it due to the format being .cpd but it was worth it also that last story was my favorite out of the three i won’t spoil it for those who haven’t bought it yet

  4. While I’d love to purchase it right now, I’m afraid I cannot do that at the moment. Reason being this site doesn’t allow me to pay through Paypal for 18+ doujin such as this one (I went ahead and created an account just for this and then got stopped at the payment step, what a shame…). I hope other options will come soon.

    Nevertheless, a big cheer for another chance to support this wonderful artist! All for the glory of yuri!

      • I understand it’s just a minor inconvenience. However my Paypal account serve as a tool for me to manage my finance, not to mention money had been kind of…tight lately.

        Again, this is just a minor inconvenience, one that I am…”quite” lazy to get over with. Like I said, when other options are available, I will buy it. Until then, well, the few samples on the dlsite page will have to be suffice, I guess.

        • That i can understand truth be told if Paypal didn’t behave like idiots in regards to my account and password then i would probably still be using them

  5. So any news on whether/when this is getting a DRM-free release? Personally, I’d be willing pay more for the convenience.

    Also, I recall you mentioning the possibility of another of Isya’s works, “Rules of Zero” being released. Is that still a possibility?

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