Release 444: My Little Sister Can’t Possibly Be This Yuri

Separated after a family breakup, Sayuri hasn’t seen her sister Mikoto in years. But one day she spots a familiar figure in the playground… with wings?

If you read Master and Me, this was what that credit page was hinting towards! We’ve been working on this since the start of the year. Enjoy 100+ pages of Itou Hachi cuteness!

Reminder that these are in 5 different chapters on our reader, so be sure to read them all!



[Itou Hachi] Sayuri’s Little Sister Is An Angel vol 1 [English] [Yuri-ism]

Download: Mega | Uploaded | Yuri-ism
[Read Online]

21 comments on “Release 444: My Little Sister Can’t Possibly Be This Yuri

  1. That was cute, as always from Hachi. Still not sure if the angel wings are just a sort of gag or setup for something depressing.

    Is this ongoing?

    Thanks again for such awesome stuff!

  2. Thank yuri-ism staff
    It cute story butsame time she in love with her dead sister think
    Can’t wait for the next volume 2

  3. I assumed this would be a complete work since y’all waited to release it all at once. I’m glad there is more to look forward to.

  4. Is the final page the vol.2 cover? Since there was no credit page source. Anyway, more Itou Hachi is always welcome. You said it’s ongoing, how many volumes is it so far? Or are there only two at the moment?

  5. I seriously don’t know what to say right now… Thank you doesn’t quite cut it, but that is all i can do right now. It’s been some time since reading yuri became a hobby of mine, it always puts a smile on my face, anger in my heart (at the antagonists), that feeling of despair in my heart when you need to wait for the next work (like right now), or simply that warm and fuzzy cuteness feeling that makes me giggle like a little girl (kinda like when you see your pet doing the cutest things), and those are feelings i don’t get from reading or watching anything else. So… Thank you.

    I think i need to go get drunk after typing this.

  6. Damn, 5 chapters are a lot of work. Good job. I’m pretty sure Mikoto is already dead, I have to get ready at the sad ending because I will be cry alot 😦 looking forward to next volume

  7. No no no – the lil’ sister can’t be dead, just can’t. It would be a shitty ending/explenation. Besides, everybody can see her, just without the wings and the halo :p.

  8. Do you guys update when a project is cancelled due to licensing? Cause i have no clue if is or if the author hasn’t made a new chapter yet.

    It seems yurirei side A/B is won’t be released till next year, and it’s killing me.

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