15 comments on “Release 365: A completely vanilla story

  1. I love when they do a sortof timeskip to the future of the characters together. Nice to see a romance-focused released by this artist, woulda liked more sex tho :p

  2. Oh my god. This was so cute and romantic. I wish it was a bit longer sex wise, but either way it was perfect!!! ♡

  3. …comon it’s a Romantic story ,i haven’t had one in a long time….and now , every one wants an hentai……

  4. I’ve finally been able to come back. I now have a brand new 4TB EHD after my last one decided to melt down in Feb. and I lost all 2TB. Including everyone of y’alls releases since your very first one. I was not looking forward to how long it was going take me to download each one separately. So THANK YOU for making that torrent now I will just need to get the other 65. All is now right with the world.

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