20 comments on “Release 364: Lewd NanoFates

  1. So very cute and the art is great!!
    NanoFate is one of the best couple, they can both lead!

    But, Nanoha-san, why “let’s go Raising Heart”?? Be nice ok?

  2. Thanks for translating this doujin! We were going to translate it too but it’s good that you guys released it before our translator could start working on it. We just posted this in our frontpage too.

    @Anonymous: Magical Love Potion and other MekiMeki doujins were translated and are linked in nanofate.us if you’re interested, it was originally released by anonscans.

  3. Oh dear this is so incredibly adorable and pure, and due to that erotic. The bashfulness, inexperience and pleasure is so well presented. Awesome.

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