Release 351: Back to the Yuri Future

A new release from everyone’s favorite artist!

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<almond> “If anyone’s confused by the plot: don’t worry. I’m just as confused as you are.”



(C87) [G-complex (YUI_7)] Stream: Will, Tomorrow, and the Warmth in Your Hands. [English] [Yuri-ism]

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33 comments on “Release 351: Back to the Yuri Future

  1. I don’t know what just happened, but I think it involved incest, and that’s not something I typically approve of.

  2. Huh. I think I get it, mostly. This mangaka comes up with some really interesting stuff.
    Thanks kindly for the release.

  3. So basically someone sends a girl into the past to meet up with her mother when she was younger said girl ended up getting together with her mother then head’s to her daughter’s/lovers time and if her mother really is a magician then it’s possible said daughter could be her own father in the future which could explain why her mother could not see her past or future just a theory on my part

  4. i… (squints) .. what did I read.. is it incest? or not? is it still incest if you go back in time and fall in love with your “mother” who hasn’t given birth to you.. i guess so, genetically speaking you’d be similar… but at the same time.. she’s technically become a version of her mother who likely won’t give birth to her daughter.. this is crazy. this author is constantly making me question everything I know. I don’t know if I actually enjoyed this or not either, but I do like the author’s art style so I’ll get strung along on their weird stories every time.

  5. “OK, now show me on the doll where … the manga … touched you.”
    “Right here, in my heart. Right here, in my head. And right here on my nether-regions.”

  6. “i’ve never seen [that person] cry, even once” on page 32, can somone explain why that was in brackets? was it implied? was it was weird pronoun that didn’t translate? translator pls ;_;

  7. I think i got it. Basically it would be a paradox that the magician(being the girls mother) send her daughter to time before she was born, they fell in love, and came back to the girls present. So the magician(mom) let her daughter be the lover of her past self.
    In the end 2 versions of the same person lived on the same line (one of them was a mother the other wasnt), wich is why i dont like time travel, too much paradoxes…
    i think it shouldnt be incest, it looked like the girl liked the young version of her mom from the beginning to me

      • She was. An older version of the daughter. And I think the “Magician’s” choice was NOT to get into a relationship with her mother.

        • So… did the magician (years after her mom died) go to the past, took her mom and send her to a future where she was young and needed someone to rely on since she was so alone that she didn’t believe herself human? (a past of the magician’s timeline, but a future of the mother)

        • But in that case, the date doesn’t match… and how did the Mom knew what was going to happen to her if she’s younger than when she died!? My brain is gonna explode =__=

    • Also, considering how interesting the mother was, I wouldn’t be surprised that she wanted to visit her own grave. In a away, she sees her own future when she’s used to seeing the past and future of others.

  8. My guess would be that the Magician took to heart her mother’s words of her mother wishing she should see her all grown up, so she grew up, went back to show her mother, then went back again to fulfill her desire to be a lover and protector to her mother, where as in a split timeline, her self from just loosing her mother went back 24 years, found her mother, met the magician (her future self) and got sent back another 2 years (26 in total) and became her mother’s lover just like her future self didn’t do from the get go, but wanted to.

  9. Seems to me like there’re about three timelines. To start things off, the magician is Shizuku, from let’s say timeline A. After an indeterminate amount of time from her mother’s passing, she developed powers to travel back in time as an adult (the “24 years” from page 41 either refers to her mother’s death or before, so the magician is probably mid-thirties). Likely this stems from her own mother’s ability to see people’s pasts and futures.

    However, rather than live out the remainder of her own life in the past, the magician travels back in time to discreetly meet her younger self in timeline B 2034–that is, the Shizuku we see most of the chapter. The adult Shizuku (A) then sends child Shizuku (B) 24 years back in time, to timeline C 2010, so the latter can meet their mother, Arika, as a young girl.

    Proceed happy incest toy sex. The ending is a little harder to figure out, but I believe Shizuku (A) returns Shizuku (B) and Arika (C) to 2034, either timeline B, C, or D. Whether or not it’s the same timeline is hard to make out, depending on how you want to approach this from a sci-fi standpoint. The main point is that Shizuku (B) and Arika (C) are brought to a time where the mother Arika is dead, as Arika (C) sees her own bones, and Shizuku (B) knows of a nice parfait place around the block. Where Shizuku (A) walks off to, no one knows~

    One last thing to add, is that it seems Shizuku really is special in the world. It’s explicitly stated that Arika (C) couldn’t see Shizuku’s (B) future, but Arika’s (A/B) last words imply she couldn’t see Shizuku’s future even when Shizuku was her daughter. Fate~

    Overall a nice read, even if the incestuous implications turn some people off. It has a much more positive end than some of her other translated works, and even has a time travel plot to boot. And the sex scenes are fantastic as expected. Thanks for the translation and edits again, guys.

  10. Wait… what?

    So the girl was her mom in the past, but she slept with the magician. . .

    Is the magician her mom?

    Or did the magician just drug the girl so the girl could “time travel” but in actuality is just drugged and having sex with the “magician” and the girl that is next to her at the end is really the girl she’s in love with and wants to bang in the present?

    • No, the Magician is the daughter, who’s the short-haired one that went back in time and met her mother, becoming her lover. The Magician grew up to fulfill her mother’s dying wish of wanting to see her grown up, she she never initially went back, after growing up, she probably went back and saw her mom before her death, then went back to her younger self that had already gone back and sent her youngerself back another 2 years to meet her mother and become her lover.

  11. I don’t know why I was so confused, I have cleared my thoughts… Shizuku is the magician and the dauther, and Akira is the mother. I had to re read it like 20 times to get into that conclusion, please don’t make me explain why ’cause I only get confused when I try to put my thoughts into words.

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