Release 352: Bath Time Yuri

The sailor moons experience the joy of a shower head! Speaking of which, I’m surprised they aren’t seen all too often. I guess Japan prefers their hitachis.



(C87) [momoirohoppe (Rei)] Stay By Me When I Wake From This Dream (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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14 comments on “Release 352: Bath Time Yuri

    • My understanding is they just haven’t got the book yet. I remember one of the Yuri-ism folks saying somewhere that they are still waiting for it to ship from Japan.

  1. Awesome, one of my favourite pairings. Thanks for choosing this one guys! Incidentally, what’s a hitachi? Google gives me only a power tools company….

  2. Sometimes it’s nice to get back to the classics, or at least it would be if most Sailor Moon doujins created after the year 2000 weren’t just random rape doujins. It’s refreshing to see a modern Sailor Moon doujin that’s so lovingly crafted, I remember that this artist had a previously released doujin that I’ve read many times. As someone who shipped Chibi-usa and Hotaru together ever since I first watched Sailor Moon I’d like to thank you for taking out the time to translate this, even if there’s not much demand for Sailor Moon these days.

    By the way, are you guys planning anything special for the Yuru Yuri season 3 announcement?

  3. Awesome! glad to see a Sailor Moon dojin! this is my first time seeing one and it has a great pairing Chibiusa and Hotaru.

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