Release 353: Godoka and the Devil

“Madoka and Homura, in their final forms, live together in a small ass apartment for some reason, and go through some of the troubles of a newly wed couple that doesn’t full understand each other yet.” – Dark Mac

So basically, Madoka yuri.

A joint project with Team Vanilla.



(C87) [Nedaore (Ayane)] Tatami Ouroboros Duo (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) [English] =TV= & [Yuri-ism]

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19 comments on “Release 353: Godoka and the Devil

  1. “I was pretty surprised when you suddenly became God”
    For some reason, that sentence just made my day, er.. night.
    Thanks for translating this gem 😀

  2. I had to come here to say as a fan of the Souls Series (Demons Souls, Dark Souls and Dark Souls II i noticed at the top left of page 18 “Unleash Magic” a Sorcery from Dark Souls II which boosts Sorcery damage but lowers max HP by 30% (If i recall correctly) appears my god it made me laugh so hard i know it’s a 18+ doujin but still to see that just appear was too funny XD

  3. The teacher’s incessant ramblings about eggs have finally been applied. “I told you so,” has never been so relevant.

  4. I’m a bit surprised when you released Nedaore’s work. Actually I was hoping you would translating CITRON-Tamatsu’s joined project but still, thank you for your great works! 😀

    • I’m sure they’ll do it sometime. Citron has spoiled me forever. Nedaore’s work is so off beat and strange in comparison. It’s almost unreadable for me now.

  5. I haven’t watched any Madoka so I don’t understand a single bit of what is going on…still the stomping was…new, never seen it done on females.

    • If you’re in the US, you can watch the series on just about any legitimate streaming service. You’d have to buy or pirate Rebellion, though.

  6. I’ve been admiring this book since it came out and hoping it would get translated. Was happy to see it was you guys who did it.

    I like Nedaore’s other Madoka works a lot, but I usually find the foot stuff to be kind of off-putting, and I have a foot fetish so I can’t guess how weird it probably is for anyone who doesn’t. This one had the better-than-average story and dialogue and the less-predictable-than-usual sex that I expect from them, but the fetish stuff seemed more tasteful and better integrated so even that worked. I liked it a lot. If you get the chance to do more by them some time I’d love to read it.

  7. wow a 10-page discussion about hot sauce… but it was worth it. i don’t have a foot fetish but i actually enjoyed this one. also, their relationship is so cute

  8. That was wonderful! Thanks a lot for the Homura x Madoka translation, I wish you guys would translate more of them. Ayane has a lot of Madoka yuri doujins that still haven’t been translated.

  9. I was kinda getting worried when I saw Madoka sucking on Homura’s toes but this foot fetish thing that Ayane’s got going on ain’t that bad. That feather play was amazing, so amazing Madoka ripped two of Homura’s feathers out after cumming LoL.

  10. This one made me obsess over Ayane. That artwork!!! Look at that art! The best Madoka doujin out there (with also a decent story-line). Thank you for the awesome work Yuri-ism and Team Vanilla!

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