Release 350: Sexually Frustrated Office Ladies part2

The epic saga continues!

I’m not sure if there will be a part 3 or not yet, the fourth volume of Mebae doesn’t come out until April. If you haven’t read part1 yet… scroll down a bit! It’s release 348.


[Ono Hiroki] Mayonaka Yonaka No Accept ch. 2 (Mebae Vol.3 – Vivid Girls Love Anthology) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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17 comments on “Release 350: Sexually Frustrated Office Ladies part2

  1. It may have been short but that final panel was WORTH IT

    Thank you guys for such a speedy release and I will cross my fingers that a part 3 will exist

  2. I really like this series but I think they are slightly rushed, it could do with 2-3 more pages for pacing.

    I would like to see more from it though. 🙂

      • She’s confused on what she wants? Lets just rape her to confirm it! If she got wet she liked it, if she didn’t… well, the rape is already done!

        • Wouldn’t she try to find another job if she felt uncomfortble? I think the idea is she isn’t used to sex or something,to be free at all,it’s all work for her, and her co-worker makes her feel things she has never felt. Also , apparenly the co-worker likes her for real.

          This is a work of fiction however and we are aware that such an approach is not acceptable, asking someone out first is much better

  3. Awesome release! I really like this mangaka, the setting and pacing is very reminiscent of the cream of regular hentai. It’s very rare that you come across yuri manga that go outside the normal scope of shoujo-ai-esque drama or romantic fluff, and tread closer to “mainstream” vanilla hentai.

  4. Guhuhuhuhuhu slide, tug!
    That adorable shot of Kirin on the credit page makes me hungry for a Koufuku Graffiti doujin!

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