Release 280: The Orange Prince

This is from the same artist as “A Room Without Shiori”. Another joint release with Team Vanilla. 

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(ComiComi18) [G-complex (YUI_7)] The orange prince and words of love [English] =TV & Yuri-ism=

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9 comments on “Release 280: The Orange Prince

  1. Man, first A room without Shiori and now this, I think I have a new favorite author! 😀
    Her (I’m gonna randomly assume Yui_7 is a she o.o) stories feel very real somehow and as much as I love reading fluff usually (yes Morinaga Milk I’m looking at you :D), same-sex relationships don’t always play out like a fairy tale, so reading this kind of story every once in a while is refreshing imo..
    Anyways, thanks for translating, I enjoyed this a lot 🙂

  2. I don’t usually like to read high-school Yuri, but I think this one is somewhat cute and special :). Thanks for everything, it’s been a long time to read a fluffy and lovely Yuri doujin XD.

  3. I was expecting this to have a bad ending like the previous doujin from this author (and ready to turn off the pc -_-), but luckily it din’t, so I now have reconciled with this author. This ending wasn’t that open like the other or confusing, and like a bonus was a happy end, that with the realism the author put in his/her doujins (for the moment) is sooo good ❤
    Thanks for translating 😀

  4. My Aoi Hana comment from last time feels even more relevant now – I mean come on, look at that cover!

    I liked this one a lot, however I think it lacked a little bit of the restraint A Room Without Shiori demonstrated. I appreciate what the writer was doing with Yuu’s dramatic, tearful break – in conjunction with the afterword they appear to be trying to create a more aggressive romantic agent who is also vulnerable, that is, the prince who tells their princess “I love you.” However that sort of thing feels a touch indulgent and melodramatic to me. This is just a matter of taste but I think it was a bit abrupt in the pacing of the story, like a climax that sort of just jumps out at the reader.

    On a side note, I think yuri stories like this are valuable because they demonstrate a wider range of templates or archetypes for lesbian relationships that are tenable and realistic.

    Anyways I’d love to see more like this in the future.

  5. Sooo what about Rumi then? I really liked her character. I’m not sure about the point of the story – trying to put so much weight on simple words. I love you? Ok now what about the actions that define you? Those will always be more important. Saying it is only one small part of the whole thing.

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