Release 176: Senpai and her pet

Senpai is at it again, just what is she planning? This is a joint release with our good friends at Team Vanilla. You can read the first volume here.

The artist has a third volume planned, but no release date has been made for it yet.



[Peroppoi toko (Chobipero)] Anemone 2 (Original) [English] =TV & Yuri-ism=

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18 comments on “Release 176: Senpai and her pet

  1. Hmm well I guess this could’ve been much more unpleasant. The ending was kind of nice but I can’t say I have much sympathy for “senpai”, even if she was alone.

  2. Good to know a 3rd volume is planned, I hope in the 3rd one the kouhai will actually give senpai the payback, not with just a kiss xD

  3. I wonder if there’s a part 3 somewhere soon. That ending was so sweet D; Can we get senpai naked or something -/shot Ayaka-senpai get nekkid pls xD

  4. I read the first one and it was AMAZING! but can you post ot on fakku? I waited a reqlly long time for this but can’t download it since my computer broke down…

  5. This one was amazing. Probably the best one in my opinion. I loved the art style. And I love how the artist didn’t just have mindless sex in there but also some emotional stuff at the end too. And lol, I liked that she handcuffed her xD and finally two girls with long hair and not only one with long hair and the other one with short hair. I haven’t read the first one but I will right now. Can’t wait for the 3rd one 😀

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