9 comments on “Release 175: Lewd ManaRikka

  1. Gotta love that internet! And all these manarikka doujins please me along with kasumi’s wonderful art! it just really makes my day.

    and I agree Kasumi should make a full OVA. I would pay for that

  2. “Someone in Japan should pay him lots of money to draw for a full yuri OVA.” –> I couldn’t agree with you so much. We need more and more beautiful yuri works like this. And, I didn’t know that Kasumi is a man.

    Thank you for the great release and congraz for Yuri-ism reaching 2 mil hits :).

      • Yesterday Kasumi made a tweet saying: ♂です
        I have no idea what he was talking about before but I think he’s actually talking about himself.
        And thanks for the awesome release, I would totally pay money to see an OVA by Kasumi as well!

        • Yeah, He posted this as well. I stalked his comments for a while and there were people asking about his gender, so it was definitely for him. And yeah, I would also, very totally pay to see a Yuri OVA drawn by Kasumi as well.

  3. I love you so very, very much for translating and releasing this. It’s only because of you guys I stumbled upon isya’s works and grew interested in Precure and utlimately they’re like my top favorite seires to make yuri couples for. However, Mitsu (Mio and Ritsu from K-ON!) will always, always be first (I write fanfics for them). ❤ But anyways, thank you again for all the work you put into your releases!

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