Release 163: A loving senpai

This is a joint release with Almond and Team Vanilla. Saori gets senpai to notice her, but she gets a little more than she bargained for.  There is a 2nd volume to this that we will be working on shortly as well.

Also, I’m experimenting with a more condensed version of our usual blog posts, what do you think?



[Peroppoi toko] Anemone (Original) [English] =TV & Yuri-ism=

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14 comments on “Release 163: A loving senpai

  1. If it helps with server costs and loading times for people with slow connections then by all means use a condensed version also the new image for the Lewd Meter is just as cute as the older one 🙂

    • It’s a 36kB difference. Even by dial up standards, that doesn’t change anything.
      The main image is also about 100kB smaller. It becomes even more trivial when you consider that if you’re coming here it’s because you’ll end up downloading 10mB files.

      Or summarizing, this is about aesthetics, not workload.
      I personally prefer full covers and blushing (or despairing) Madoka.

  2. new layout is great. I use a RSS reader so the old layout was a little too large to view completely, but with this new one I don’t need to scroll down to check out the lewd meter.

  3. Aw, I really wonder if you guys release rated 5 or 6, what will Godoka to be :))?? Anw, I love to read Yuri Original, really warm and beautiful, thank Yuri-ism for the release!

  4. Thank you for the release ! Hm… I’m not sure about this doujin. The kouhai obviously have feeling for the senpai, but the senpai make the kouhai her slave… I hope I can see how it goes in the 2nd volume soon (on that end, thank you for picking up the 2nd volume as well !)

  5. The cover looked so nice and the first few pages were really cute, but somehow that got a little rape-ish towards the end.
    Still nice release, thanks for the hard work~

  6. O_O WOOW… Jajaja i like it, yes i know it was harder as usual but the art is beutiful and i don´t think the sempai is bad by naturally

    • You know reading your post reminded me of Shizuma in Strawberry Panic was there any more anime or manga with the whole Senpai flirts with others due to a tragic past setting?

  7. Thanks for the hard work.
    I’m suspending judgement on the new lewd meter till I see more levels, but the old flustered Madoka was mighty cute…

  8. I think the cover is misleading in terms of artwork, but the actual content wasn’t bad.

    This one is significantly rapey-er than other level 4s, but I guess because it wasn’t absolutely chock-full of vaginas like the 5s and 6 it didn’t get a higher rating. I would’ve prefered if it were less rapey, but it… got the job done.

    Thanks again.

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