16 comments on “Release 14: Anan SayaSaya

  1. Yahooooo!
    So cute! I absolutely loved the first kiss part!
    Ah, now I’m riding a yuri high.
    Thanks for another great release!
    Oh yes! Yuri truly is the purest form of love.

    • Everything that needs a period should have one. If you think there should be more, then by all means do tell.

      • Oh damn, I made a stupid mistake. Looks like this release actually has nothing wrong with the punctuation… There are a couple HomuMado doujins I think are your work which don’t have any periods, but if that’s not the case anymore then ignore me!

        For a wrong accusation like that, allow me to say thank you for doing the good work of yuri scanlation. We all appreciate it!

        • Yes our earlier doujins do not have periods due to an oversight // laziness on my part, but all of our releases from now on will have proper punctuation.

  2. My heart can’t take this much cuteness.

    I seriously can’t get enough of your releases! I check this site everyday for something new to read. And I hope for more KyoSaya yuri in the future and remember that I love you guys 🙂

  3. SO KAWAII! I absolutely love KyoSaya pairing. Its nice to know that you can brighten someone’s day up, even the day of a regular Chinese girl. Thanks!

    (I hope parents don’t find the collection of doujin in my hidden folder. It’s cute, but I think they may get wrong idea…)

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