15 comments on “Release 19: Light Music Club Love

    • Part 2 is hetero, so that’s out, and we don’t care for the art in part 3, so nope, this is all.

  1. Naughty and nice! Great artwork!
    Part 2 is het? What the hell is wrong with some people?
    Anyway, thanks for another high quality release!

  2. Awesome Release.

    BTW, while I was bored one night, I decided to code a PHP script for viewing manga online… When deciding if I would just scrap the finished product like the rest of host it on my website with so few of my scripts, I remembered that I had recently found out about this group. So I decided, that if it was ok, I would try to keep up to date with your releases and keep them in my websites Manga Viewer… If you want it removed, just ask so and i’ll gladly remove it 😉

      • Already got a link back, and Just going to throw every file into a converter (i prefer .png format > all) and then upload them into the website

        • Most of our stuff (minus color pages) should be in PNG form already since we use PNG Optimization.

      • I noticed (: but drag and dropping them all into Format Factory, is easier and faster then dragging the .jpg’s only, because it just checks the file then skips it because it’s already an png (:

  3. Thank you for releasing this cute doujin. I am however, disappointed to hear that part 2 is het. Don’t know why the have to add hetro in the original female couple doujins.

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