13 comments on “Release 21: Happy Girl

  1. I really like it when scanlators include the author’s comments. When the author talks about what inspired them to create the story or what they were thinking about while creating it, I really like reading about it. Even when all the author talks about is what they’ve been eating, I still find it interesting in its own way. Author’s comments make the artist feel more like a person and less like “Oh, it’s that guy whose stuff occasionally gets scanned.” I know translating a wall of text is probably hard and most readers don’t care about them, so thank you so much for translating the author’s comments, and for translating the rest of the doujinshi as well. It really was cute.

    Sorry for the long, incomprehensible post.

  2. Wuoaa, thanks so much!! I have been wait for this :x!
    Ah, I found out that there still more doujins with same artist of this:
    Did you guys have any plan to do those doujins yet?

    • Planning to do all of them*, and all are at various stages of completion. さやかわ and 力あわせる200万 will both be released soon.

      * = I have been unable to locate either scans or a used copy of 君がわかるから so unfortunately doing that one isn’t possible right now.

        • We’ve worked with some bad scans before but that’s a bit beyond what we’re willing to use. Also, none of us here speak Chinese so we’d be unable to translate it anyway. I’ll just continue searching for a Japanese copy of our own.

  3. 3 more to go?

    [やわらぎ瓶(桃屋チカ)] さやかわ (魔法少女まどか☆マギカ)(非エロ)

    [やわらぎ瓶(桃屋チカ)] キョウコとあそぼ!! (魔法少女まどか☆マギカ)(非エロ)

    [やわらぎ瓶(桃屋チカ)] 力あわせる200万 (魔法少女まどか☆マギカ)(非エロ)

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