17 comments on “Release 27: Fun with Kyouko

  1. Beauty! This is pure yuri-loving BEAUTY!
    Lots of funny stuff too. Reading this made me so happy!
    Did you guys create the last page? It was really well done. Sayaka’s sign has honk honk Chen. That’s a great way to get honks!
    Thanks for the wonderful release! *HONK*

  2. My favorite couple of Madoka Magica; Thanks for the hard work; I’ll be looking forward to more PMMM yuri~ ♥

  3. Thank you for all your KyouSaya work so far. I really appreciate it.
    There’s never enough KyouSaya in the internets!

  4. thank u so much ^^ kyousaya is my most favorite pairing ever, this doushijin made me laugh alot. *spoiler* i really like how mami and sayakla fight together XD thank u again

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