Release 32: KyoSaya is Love

As some of you may notice, the image resolution will be a bit higher this time around – we’re experimenting a little. We found that the patterns maintain better at x2000 resolution, and since we do scan our own stuff, it might as well be released in the highest quality it can be.


13 comments on “Release 32: KyoSaya is Love

  1. You guys are so awesome for putting out 2 doujins in 3 days and I thank you so much for making me so happy ūüôā

  2. Absolutely beautiful release!
    Not to mention the quick work.
    Images look great to me.
    Thank you all so much for the sweet KyouSaya love!

      • Thanks.
        Do you use the Epson software, and is it possible to place the pages along the edge to get them straight when scanning?

      • Sorry to bother you so much with this.

        My current scanner, a Canon, overcrops by 1cm along the edges, so I end up using the ruler in Photoshop (after placing the pages freely in the middle of the scanner bed), which works fine. But by doing this the artwork gets distorted, and the image becomes blurry.
        It’s not something you notice unless comparing side by side, but still a bit of an annoyance knowing it happens. There’s also all the extra time spent doing the manual straightening.

        Any chance you could give it a try when you end up scanning something?

        • Unless you debind your books, you probably won’t be able to get every single page perfect because of variations in how they come away from the binding. I’m used to scanning on this so I know where to line up the doujin to get it straight most of the time. If I used tape or something to mark it off more exact, I could get more pages straighter, but I dont have access to my scanner right now so I cant try it out until early next week.

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