20 comments on “Release 35: Sakurako in Covert Ops Part 2

  1. Thank you so very much for this I loved it, can’t tell you how much I love this couple. Your translations are always so easy to read and quick

  2. Wow, Himawari totally dominated Sakurako. She always struck me as a nice and calm girl. I guess her brain got a little overheated when Sakurako went from fantasy to real! It’s fun to see Himawari all conflicted!
    Third part should be fun, but you guys don’t have it yet? That probably means it hasn’t been released yet. Hope it’s coming out soon.
    Thanks for another great release!

    Mmmm. I’m eyeing that Sayaka fan book with serious passion. 120% SAYAKA!!! YES!

  3. I appreciate all the work and time put into making these translations happen. I thank you, and count me in as a benefactor for you real soon~

  4. Please reupload it, Also Other chapter of this series too. If possible, please upload it to Yuri-ism Server : direct download link (Yuri-ism), Tq~ I Love your works!

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