23 comments on “Release 40: Sakurako in covert ops part 3

  1. Now that was intense!
    But at the same time it was still very cute and the ending was sweet.
    Thanks for more of the purest form of love!

  2. *read in comments there’s a part 4 or more, thought 3 would be the last one to finish up the story* @Original authors of the doujin: You’re killin’ me smalls! Not having it finish up leaves us unsatisfied and wanting more! …That’s probably an intentional effect isn’t it? Sadists… Anyway you guys rock, thank you for translating all these amazing doujins! *Bows down to the sheer awesomeness of those who know Japanese*

  3. I knew your wepsite in dynasty reader.
    I’m in south korea and I can’t read japanease, so I often enjoy Yuri by English tanslated version.
    I’m really thanks to you always!

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