11 comments on “Release 49: YuruYuri Monday Returns!

  1. Thanks for the release as always! I think though you screwed up your sidebar poll code a bit. I see the question “Who is the most adorable and perfect Yuru Yuri?”, but then there are just a bunch of buttons with no text or image. Did you forget to put in any characters or is there a bug or something? Weird seeing a bunch of blank spaces.

  2. That was so much fun! Thanks so much!
    So does this mean YRYR Monday every Monday?
    Kidding! Although it would be pretty sweet to see one every week.

  3. Holy crap the artwork on this is superb. Love the little details of the heart shaped white spots in their hair. Thanks so much you guys I looove Yuru Yuri doujins keep them coming 🙂

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